Wednesday, December 28, 2005

3 Points of Contact!

In the 50s and 60s, some smart group of people came out with a general formula/theory that anyone in the world can be related to another person by means of a series of 5 acquaintances.
That means that through 5 other people forming the intermediate nodes, anyone can be linked to me. And it can be anyone in the world that you can be connected to via 5 people.

This came to be known as the Six Degrees of Separation.

Dwelling my thoughts and braincells on this, I started to think of a chair. During my tertiary education in the UK, someone once mentioned to me that any objects, as long as they have 3 points of contact to any solid surface, they are more stable.

Consider this example, a chair with 4 legs, 4 points of contact. If any of the legs are shortened, the chair becomes unstable. And it takes quite a bit of effort to make it stable again, either by means of adding paper to the shorter leg or by shortening other legs.

Now look at the 3 legged chair. No matter which leg is shortened, it remains stable. This explains why camera and video tripods only have 3 legs. Even when I was standing a while ago, with 2 legs on the ground. Leaning towards a wall and allowing my elbow to contact the wall for side support gave me a more stable standing than just 2 legs alone.

3 points of contact forming stability.

Let's look at it from a non-physical angle.
A promise.
When you make a promise, you tell yourself that you will achieve some goal.
Ultimately the 3 points of contact can probably help to make it a more sturdy goal.
When you wed someone, you don't just keep the promise of faithfulness to yourself and your spouse, you ensure that the parents are aware of the promise as well..
3 Points of Contact.

Another example.
You and your best friend.
No one will really know until a 3rd party is aware.
3 points of contact.

A journey.
A journey is never complete without the 3 important criteria.
Start point.
End point.
Path to be taken.
3 points of contact.
Without the 3, the journey will have no start, no end and no direction. Completely unreliable.

Today is 28th December 2005.
Time is 0934hrs.

A creature that when young walks on 4 legs, in adulthood walks on 2 and in old age walks on 3.
When that creature does walk on 3 legs, it is a time when it is most wise and calm.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Science of Balance

The evolution of Science had satisfied Man's quest for knowledge.
Science had provided the answers to most of the "Why's" which Man had been asking.

Rain for example. A phenomenon of precipitation of vapour at an altitude, pressure and temperature at suitable conditions. An eternal cycle. Prediction is fairly possible with detailed records of yearly rainfalls.

To most, rain happens because vapour precipitated in the sky over our heads.
However, that is the scientific explanation of how it happens.
Why it happens? To water the earth which precious crops grow on?
To maintain a perfect ecological balance? To flood the rivers?

Can rain be purposeful in its nature? Can Man then direct its purpose or in some way control it?
For most parts of the world, that spans from the equator to the northern hemisphere, the summer period causes droughts. Droughts which cause many lifeforms to falter. Lifeform's whom fate is dependent on the water. Yet this cycle of life and death is inevitable for a balanced ecological system. A system where the natural selection of the species which can survive.

It is also known that its the elliptical path of earth around the Sun and that of Earth's rotation that causes the change of seasons, which in turn affect the amount of rainfall.

Is gravity, which explains the push and pull between planets, and causes the elliptical motion of planets around the sun that affects the weather? The intricate balance of each planet as an element in the perfect motion of elliptical fashion around the Sun is critical for the fixed path.
Every planent's path is pre-ordained for all eternity. Each its own path around the Sun and each in a concentric elliptical path which will never collide with another.

Today is 1st December 2005.
Time is 1530hrs.

It is amazing the cycle of evolution and science and the amount of trash generated everyday or the amount of equipment sent to Space everyday, that none of it amounts to a huge change of mass on our planet which can cause the gravitational effects to change in relation with the rest of the planets which are almost static in terms of trash and evolution and science. Perhaps, that balance, will never be explained by Science alone.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The need of money or the need of wealth

Everyone has needs.
We need air, water and food to survive.
The moment the 3 main needs are fulfilled, its noticed that we learn to have cravings.
Cravings beyond the 3 basic needs.
And these cravings feed off the five basic senses that we have.
Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Hear. Its so amazing, these five senses.
If we give it a little more thought, these five senses are detected by sensory organs which all have its highest sensitivity near the brain.
As technology brings us more products that can satisfy our cravings in the five senses, more money is needed to buy these equipment to give our five senses the pleasure that is craved.

In the past, people barter trade. 1 cow for 40 chickens. The marketplace was a location where traders brought their farming produce to trade for other produce. Money was not invented yet.
Well, as people got smarter, they knew it was not clever to bring 40 cows to the marketplace.
Money was the intermediate asset for easier barter trade. An object of exchange with equivalent value to the item meant for trade.

So as we evolve, money seemed to be thought of as the object that can satisfy our cravings.
But money isn't something that can do that. It is a mere intermediate product of exchange. A currency. A prefix. Stuff a hundred dollar bill into your pants, you sure aren't going to get any pleasure off your sense of touch.

Men and women of today are so engrossed in the chase of the currency that it is forgotten that the craving that they desperately need to fulfill cannot be achieved with mere abundance of currency. Give a man a million dollars and throw him in a desert without any basic amenities.
Can his five sensory organs gain any pleasure?

Money can satisfy the sensory cravings we have. It doesn't take an abundance of money to do that. If we can understand the need for money is to merely fulfill our 3 basic needs and our 5 sensory cravings, we actually have no need to crave for an abundance of money. We merely have to manage our cravings. Thus the need for money is inconsequential because money is just a prefix. If we can manage our cravings and understand that a balance of money to our needs and cravings is achievable, then infinite wealth is possible, because with control, our needs and cravings will never exceed the money which we regularly receive in a limited amount.

So if you are someone whom is chasing after the dollar sign so hard, remember that money itself is not something that can fulfill your cravings. And to those whom cravings requires them to chase $ in abundance, rethink the cravings and balance it.

Beyond the 3 basic needs and 5 cravings, if money is spent out of this needs and cravings, it means that money is used for something more useful, for the better good of others than for the purpose of the owner himself. Then that perhaps defines a wealthy person, enough for himself and capable of giving others as well..

Today is 30th Oct 2005. Time is 11:02am.
If there's anyone whom feels the desperate craving to give out money, kindly drop it inside my pocket.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Internal Monologue

I am no fan in almost any sports.
In fact, I don't even exercise much.
The only kind of workout I prefer is actually running.. Funny that this is coming from a guy whom is severely overweight..
But yes, running is my cup of tea.
I do not run against anyone nor do I run with anyone.
Most times, I'd have the weird feeling that I have to run and off I go, in my running shoes.
Sometimes, I'd even go in the dead of the night, ie midnight hour.

Usually, the feeling of the need to run is often fueled by my having to buy new pants and realising nothing fits perfectly..... well, C'est La Vie.

Though I do not regularly run, I actually do enjoy my runs whenever I do it.
It gives me time to talk to myself. And No, at this point of time, if you are thinking I need to see a psychologist, my answer is "no". I do not need to pay someone thousands of dollars so that he can teach me how to reach my inner self. I already achieved that and that is through running.

Running gives me a space and time where I can really communicate with myself.
Well, firstly, I always tell myself the distance and time of the run and during the actual run, the 2 personalities of mine actually communicates to each other in order to fill the void and null the drudgery of the run.

It is amazing how much is achieved during the run, other than sweat and aching muscles.
Often, I have a clearer mind after each run on what I need to do in the weeks to come.
And at times, I even realised that my eyesight becomes better, well, maybe not because of the inner monologue, but there's more than one advantage of a run.

Like the advertisement of Nike, where 2 distinct personalities of the same person is being represented as 2 individuals. That is really happening when I run. Perhaps the breathlessness and the tiredness can really cause the mind to go cranky. But in my case, it gives the space for deep thoughts. Sometimes between the good and evil. At times between the past and present.

If you do see me running and my eyes are in a daze, most likely, I am engaged in a interesting conversation with myself.

Today is 16th October 2005
Time is 12:36pm

I just returned from a remedial physical training.
It was tiring but yet enriching to my mind and soul.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A day to grow up

Four years ago, this day marks the day when I crossed the boundary of a bachelorhood.
Where I walked out of my shell as a single young man and joined a communion partnership of 2.

The past 4 years had been a learning journey on handling a relationship on a higher level.
A partnership for life.
I looked back the 4 years and I see all the sweetness of what Life had offered to the 2 of us.
And there were at some instances where we tasted bitterness and experience sadness.

4 years back, I could not see my future.
4 years since that day, I have learnt to work out how to plan for the future.

Now, when I look into your eyes, I see our future.
Everyday, the future looks more hopeful with our hard work.

Part of our future rests on our prodigal child.
And yet, when I look into her eyes, somehow, I see my past.
It feels like looking into a mirror which is showing a reflection of a younger version of myself..
Only this time, this younger version of myself can be given a better chance.
The chance for this younger version of me to take a better path. A chance for our child to emerge a better person than me.

Today is our 4th year wedding anniversary.
6th October 2001 was the exact date of our exchange of vows.
Everyday has been a miracle for me since.

Today is 6th October 2005.
"Without bitter, no one will ever know how sweet it ever was"
Franklin 19:18
6th Oct 2005

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A thousand words not enough to describe a bag

24th September,

It was a day I have to celebrate every year since 1998.
1998 was the year I knew my wife.
She is the most wonderful person in my life.

Celebrating 24th September every year means that 25th of June can be celebrated in accordance also. This year however, was to be slightly special with the addition of our newest member of the family, our precious daughter.

And so the theme of the night was bags.
We searched quite a few boutique shops before deciding on a bag which resembles a animal skin water bottle right out of the mongolian dessert...
For most others, it'd be another bag around someone else's arm, but today, that bag is Dior.
It was a unique slanted shape. Unlike any other bags. A signature DIOR.

True, it comes with a price enough to pay for another 6 DKNY bags.
But the thought of the coming of the next 25th June simply excites me even futher!

Today is 24th September 2005.
I am thankful for today, as I'd be thankful for the 25th of June which is soon to come.

Friend or Foe?

A couple of weeks ago,
I received a call on my mobile which the caller number was not a number which was recognised.
Upon answering, I realised it was an ex-colleague whom have not contacted me for a full year at least.

So, I expected some form of news which he had wanted to bring forth to me.
Naturally, when someone has not contacted you for some time, it's usually common that they start contacting you when they are going to get married or if they are throwing a party for their newborn. Either that, or it'd be some sad news which I don't think need any elaboration.

So, the voice on the opposite side was actually quite straight to the point..
It was the type of call everyone dread..

After a year of non-contact, I was called because he needed a loan urgently.
It wasn't the fact that the "voice" called regarding the loan which disgusted me.
It also wasn't because it was not the first time in the history of my acquaintance with the "voice".

It was the fact that the "voice" apparently is an entity whom is holding a position higher than me, drives a car, father of 2 and in normal days speaks with an authority over around me whereas I am merely an executive, still using the public transport, a recent father of 1 and I speak in a casual manner to all my peers and subourdinates alike.

He was almost begging.
Whatever the reason for his request for this loan, I am fully aware that once I concede to his request, there will be a third and forth and fifth time. [ Note that this is already the second time]

This brings me to what I wanna record today.
I thank my stars for where I am today where I do not have to beg.
I thank my stars for where I am today where my life is smooth sailing.
I thank my stars for I have a group of loyal friends whom I am loyal to also and that when their assistance is required, I really hope my stars are actually them.

I pray that I can continue to work hard for my family's continued existence in a relatively comfortable manner.

Though it is not my nature to classify my acquaintances on how much they are valued to me, such incidents make me ponder the exact opposite meaning of friendship.

Of how an acquaintance can ask of you which a foe will not.
It is funny how we respect a foe and how we respect a friend.

Anyway, before I get rhetoric about friend and foe, I wanna end the note that between the two, there's a very faint line separating the differences and I pray hard everyday, that I, myself, continue to stay on the same side with my loyal and close friends.

Today is 24th Sept 2005.
Time is 11.03pm.

If it's been more than a year since I last contacted you, and you are receiving a sudden call from me.....
Most likely, I'm calling you to tell you good news.

If it's been more than a year since I last contacted you, and you are receiving a sudden call from my wife....
Read the obituaries, most likely, you'd recall a familiar face.

Friday, September 09, 2005

A month long

Its been almost a month since my last post.

My past 30 days has been filled with much laughter and smiles.

At the same time,I had a fair bit of travelling due to work as well.
Though not far from home, I didn't have the luxury be home most of the nights.

It's only when you leave the luxury that was so easily available.
Luxury like
- a door that opens to a familiar home
- meals enjoyed with family I call my own
- my daughter's cries and screams
- a wife that wakes me up on time every morning

These are the luxury I'd grown to get used to and will never let go.
My home and family.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Traxtoratore's Lesson in Hypnosis

It's been quite a while since I was amazed by Magic , Religion and the Supernatural.
I read up quite a bit on these 3 subjects.

The 3 of them all have the same effect.
They create and instill belief.
Some believe religion is the answer to their existence.
Some believe that there are supernatural beings around us.
Some believe that there are really people whom can perform miracles.

Belief, itself, or rather the mind that believes, is the power at work.
Therefore from the 3 topics, I have dwelled into another subject matter altogether.

Its not normal to see another man being hypnotised.
Disbelief, to the fact that another spectator can stand on the hypnotised subject when he is only supported by 2 stools at his legs and head while he is in the horizontal facing up position.

However, after being shown that it is possible, Belief is upon the non-believers.
Another subject hypnotised.
Not that the new believer can now support heavy weights upon his chest or waist as like the volunteer, whom had performed an amazing feat.
But the new believer has somewhat been tuned to believe also.
A subtle form of hypnosis.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Do they sound the same?

Signs = Science

Example: Do u know the signs/science of bad weather?

Ain't it amazing, the answer can also be quite similar?

Science of Aging or Signs of Aging?

Reminder : Material for FOC

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Anthem

This country I lived in just celebrated its National Day.

The TV was telecasting the event and was airing the part where everyone at the event was singing the national anthem.

While my family and some friends were watching, I asked one of them, whom was a Malaysian, if she knew what was the national language of my country?

Most people would say English, whom is the first language and the preferred language used in many places. But only known to some, the national language is actually Malay.

So my friend, SK, whom was enlightened by the fact and yet has queries of her own, asked...
"Do most locals even know the meaning of the National Anthem, since it is sung in Malay?"

Someone in our gathering actually said he knew the meaning of Mari Kita.
And I replied loudly " MARI KITA MEANS STAND UP!".
And upon saying that, I gave myself a proud grin.

My malaysian friend replied saying that Mari Kita actually means "come together"

The joke was really very subtle here. It took us some moments before we all burst into a loud laughter.

Oblivious to my friend from the friendly north, most of us always used the term Mari Kita to define "standing up". Mainly because in our school days, we stand in a parade every morning singing the National Anthem watching the flag get raised.

And because of the raising of the flag, the term "Mari Kita" is also used cheekily in describing the male organ in its most eagered stance.

So my dear friends whom do not yet know that the national language of the country they live in is "Malay", please do not embarass yourself by saying that you know the meaning of the words used in the song which you used to sing every weekday morning for at least 16 years.

Today is 10th August 2005.
The time is 11.01pm.

I am learning something new about myself everyday.
Yesterday, I just learnt that I am a complete fool.
Mari Kita.

At least I know the worm-like insect on the mahjong tiles is known as a Centipede and not a Caterpillar

Monday, August 08, 2005

When In Rome, Don't Try To Speak Like A Roman

Over the weekend, my wife and I were inHong Kong.
And so we armed ourselves with the common cantonese words and went shopping!

It's amazing, Hong Kong natives...
No matter how good you are, or how hard you try to blend in, they will still know that you are not local.
Despite the fact that we have the same colour skin and of course, we hid the tourist map well before we started to converse, we were still identified as tourists.

And they continued to speak to us in Mandarin instead.

So there we were stranded, at the Peak, a famous place in HK for tourists.
We went up to the Peak in a tram up a slope so steep that the adjacent buildings almost looked slanted when viewing from the tram.
We queued for about 40mins to get into the upriding tram.

The queue for the downriding tram looked like it'd take us another 40mins before we can enter the tram, so we took the taxi instead.

And so, we make the same mistake again, trying to speak the native language.
The moment the second cantonese word came out from my mouth......"Chung Hwan"

The driver asked again," You want to go Chung Hwan?" in Mandarin.
It took only the second word for the driver to see that we aren't locals.
Either that or I do not have the HongKong look.

Taxi drivers in HongKong, always thought to be uncouth and inarticulate.

Wrong! The driver whom drove me from the Peak down to Central station was able to strike up a conversation about the economy of Hong Kong and able to give me examples of standard of living between the East Asia cities!

And the best thing was, all along the first half of the ride, he spoke in very fluent and perfect Mandarin! An unaccented Mandarin that could put us to shame!.

And there were some moments which my wife and I were talking in English.
It wasn't before long that the driver was also speaking to us in English.

So me and my wife thought, the only way we could speak to each other without the locals understanding were through our dialect, Hokkien.

It wasn't until we reached Shenzhen, a border town in China just besides Hong Kong, that we realised that they speak the same language also.

How interesting...

Today is 8th August 2005.
Time is 10.45pm.

Being able to speak the same lingua doesn't always mean you can get a better price off your purchase.

Sometimes, walking away does more that what can be asked with words.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Book To Be Published Soon

A year back,
A good friend, named William, (his surname is suppressed to protect his identity), told me that with all the nonsensical facts that I have, I should actually write a book and publish it.

Facts such as

1) If we envision a line to be made up of an infinite amount of dots, and drawing a line means joining all the dots together, how come we don't take infinite amount of time drawing the line?

More to mention when I do publish the book.

The title of the book, as suggested by William shall be

"F****rd's Full Of Crap"

In short, FOC.

This blog will track my daily input of crap so one day, when it gets thick enough, I might just publish it.

And I will ask Mr William to write the Foreword page.

Today is 2nd August 2005
Time is 10.13pm

We are all destined to Eternity on this rock.
Why not make it a happier rock?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Any difference between the two?

Most people find all other cuisines, except their native one, to be more tasty and interesting.
Such is the case also for Japanese cuisines.

"AUTHENTIC JAPANESE CUISINES", the huge painted signboard hangs over the entrance of a Japanese restaurant in town. The fonts on the signboard attempts to mimick the kanji language, having the english characters done in thick strokes twisting weirdly at certain ends.

So one will enter these restaurants, expecting Japanese food, or rather the common Japanese food, which most think is the everyday's native Japanese staple food.

Sushi, Bento, Ramen, Unagi, Ebi, etc.

But who gives it the authenticity?
Is it because the chef is a native Japanese person?
Or is the food prepared from ingredients imported from Japan?
Could it be because the chef has learnt it from a Japanese chef?

Funny how us locals refuse to eat our local food when we are in a foreign land.
No matter how authentic the "local" food in the foreign land might come close to the same standards and/or taste as the ones back home, we'd rather taste something else which is foreign to our taste palette.

So if that's the case, whom is the authenticity for?
Since the ones whom would know the difference would rather eat "local" food that needs no authentication.

Today is 1st August 2005
Time is 11.19am.

Everytime I enter a Japanese Restaurant, I'd ask for Japanese Tea and specifically inform the service staff not to give me green tea. And do you think they know any differences?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Engineer and the Mathematician

The answer is not necessary mathematically correct.

According to the Mathematician, the engineer will never reach his destination.
True, but then again, he doesn't really have to.
His destination is not the absolute position of the target, because 2 matters can never exist in the same absolution position.

All he needs to is to get near enough for him to start a conversation.
Not get inside her pants literally!

So the difference between an Engineer and a Mathematician?
One seeks for absolute answer, the other seeks for an answer that is close enough to solve the problem.

The question deals with the infinite amount of half life in a life cycle of a decaying nucleus.
Many scientists study the nucleus of radiating materials and half lives are used to estimate the lifespan of the nucleus before the radiation becomes negligible.. The half live chart is a graph which bend towards infinity when charted along the time axis.

Today is 30th July 2005.
Time is 9:46am

Thursday, July 28, 2005

How many halves are there in a whole?

Today, I feel like sharing a joke.

A mathematician and an engineer was having a drink in a pub.
Together they saw a pretty young thing and was discussing how they should approach her.

The engineer suggested that he should just start walking towards the lady half the distance between them and then pause for a while, then walk half of the remaining distance, then pause for another few seconds. And this goes on, every half, a few moments of pause. This is so that he won't scare away the target by walking straight up directly.

The mathematician thought for a while and then rebutted the engineer.
"This way, you will never reach her! You will always have half the distance between the target and yourself, no matter how many half distances you travel towards her!" He replied.

Is the Mathematician correct in his statement?
Will the Engineer ever reach his desired destination?

A Philosophical Problem.
And a funny answer that defines the differences between a Mathematician and an Engineer.

Answers to be blogged tomorrow.

Today is 28th July 2005
Time is 4.17pm

An engineer is waiting for the engine to fail before he can commence his engineering work

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Increase your word power

Let's enrich our word power!!

I was discussing with my wife about the English vocabulary and exams etc.
We talked about how we dealt with having to learn English and passing its exams.

It appears there's no formula for learning English but to hear and see it more often.
Words itself doesn't really make sense on its own without being used in a context of a sentence.
Very often, English tests required the candidate to explain words that are used in a passage.

He is an "ardent" blogger whom has spent more time in front of his PC than actually doing any serious work.

So, my method would be to replace the "word" with something else which could make sense when being used in the same context. All the hints are trailing behind the "word", trying to make the reader understand more.

Rephrase it
If he is always " " about blogging, he can never get any serious work done.
He can be " " when blogging is concerned, but is he " " about his real occupation?
If he is such an " " blogger, who is doing the real work for him?
Is there anyone more " " than him when it comes to blogging?

The WORD today is ARDENT.
It means Passionate/Enthusiastic.

Through a good friend, I have enriched my word power today.

Today is 26th July 2005
Time is 10.30pm

Very soon, I am going to subscribe to Reader's Digest.
Investing in my word bank.
Increase my word power.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Joy of Success

A success, no matter how small it is, brings sweetness to the person behind it.
A task set out to do and completed before expected end time.
A job well done exceeding what was requested.

Today, I succeeded in creating an online bulletin board.
This same task, last week, seemed impossible because I had neither the experience nor knowledge building up the board.
Even though I was in Malaysia most of the time in the last week, I kept thinking of how I can achieve this impossible task.

But today, just today, at 10-11am, I was reminded of this task again by a colleague.
Thanks to him, I fearfully clicked the downlink link which allowed me to download the software required.

Funny thing was, the fear of not knowing and not having experience of setting up the bulletin board, disappeared immediately when I started to work on it.

4 hours later, in the same day, the board was ready to be accessed by users.

"Once started, it's as good as 50% completed"
A famous Chinese saying. How true.... How true....

Well, no problems will be solved if the solution never starts.
And I am glad I am able to get success from this task which I thought I didn't have the capacity to take it on, and yet, I managed to conquer it.

Today is 25th July 2005
Time is 11.42pm

Doing the maths, working on the task 4 hours straight after 11am is only 4pm max.....
[ lunch hour included ].

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A series of possibilities!

A year back, there was this local movie in town.
It poked fun at the local punters, making every effort, of the local punter to get rich, looked silly.
There was this famous statement made by a punter, played by an actor whom is also a variety show host.

He said," Chances of winning the lottery is 50-50."
When questioned why, he replied, "You either strike or you don't strike".
The statement rested at the back of my mind registered as a comical joke.

I chanced upon a book recently in town.
101 Philosophy Problems
Author : Martin Cohen

It's a book which gives actual cases of real life philosophical paradoxes.

Is there life on Mars?
A question of statistics perhaps from the evidence of the data collected in countless space expeditions.
Finding sources of water or traces of moisture near its atmosphere will mean higher percentage of find extra-terrestial lifeforms before even reaching the planet.

If through telescope and high tech equipment, we can tell that the surface temperature of the planet is constantly 15000 degrees celsius, we can safely confirm that it is for 99.999% sure that no lifeforms can exist there without being scorched to death immediately when placed in that environment.

This question is actually in relation to statistics and probabilities.
Guessing from past samples collected to predict the upcoming cycle(s).

But did you know that in the absence of information, the answer to that very question is actually 50-50? And it applies for all questions that requires the answer to be logic.

Logic, used in the context here does not mean, making sense.
It actually means "0" or "1" or, "true" or "false", and "yes" and "no".

And though we have smart brains telling us, no living thing can exist in temperatures of 15000 degree celsius, but have we, humans, actually seen all the living things of this universe already?

By disproving ideas which are unknown to us, are we proving facts which can only exist in our domain [in this case, our own planet ]?

But then again, Mars is not on our planet, is it?

Ponder over the first question again
"Is there life on Mars?"

Today is 24th July 2005
Time is 11:32pm
It's a Sunday

My work week starts on Monday.
In my weekdays, I try ways and means to disprove faults reported by customers and use statistics and probability to re-ensure customers that they are just a small statiscally anomaly which only happens when equipment, freshly out of their retail boxes, fail for no reason.

And they keep nodding upon hearing my "statistical anomaly" pitch.
You dig?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Saturday Afternoon [Part II]

Have you ever encountered being caught in a jam and every turn leads to another jam?
It's worse when you are in a cab. An entrapment, you cannot, in the good nature as another fellow human being, alight and pay the metered fare and expect the cab driver to blame it on the jam, where he/she has to continue to crawl in the jam until the taxi is out of the jam area.

And you cannot blame the cab driver for you were the one whom gave the specific route to take to reach your destination.

So I blame the nation.
Because the JAM was caused by another rehearsal for N'day Celebrations, which incidentally, has to be done in the city.

For a group of 50-80 govt officials and One Very Important Person's smooth traffic flow on the Nation's birthday, the rest of the country have to bear stupid jams on routes, which traffic from the affected areas, were directed onto.

Even More Brilliant.
For fear of not doing everything right first time, the party organisers AKA "Green men in huge trucks" rehearse every weekend for 2 months leading to the big day, so that they wouldn't screw up.
Bet they didn't realise the rest of the nation was going through traffic hell just to endure the stupid rehearsals.

I also Brilliant.
So Taxi Companies are raising their fares, booking charges , waiting time charges.
Bet you didn't realise the waiting time charges. Perhaps even never noticed it.
Well, maybe now you might just wanna find out how fast it clicks while stationary.

Not so Brilliant Public.
Despite knowing that periods like these, the city area will be clogged with traffic, the general public still travels downtown.
Makes anyone wonder if the govt is nominated by the public, whom are making all the smart choices?
Are we just a mob, like a school of dumb fishes?
Or are there really smart individuals within the school of fish that is doing the directing?

Which gives me the final conclusion of what I wanna blog today.
I was the dumb ass whom went into town in a taxi entrapped in the jams knowing fully that the rehearsal dates and I still chosed to dive into the "pool full of poo"**.

Today is
23rd July 2005
Time is 10.30pm

** Poolful of Poo : Sounds nice enough for me to use.
Meaning "in deep shite"

A Saturday Afternoon [Part 1]

Raining where my room is located.
Seated in my favourite blue secretary chair, I began typing.
Knowing that I have to leave the house in just less than an hour's time, I continued to work on this log.

Spending near 30 years on the same island, an especially small island, 40 km x 30 km area, it's not a wonder when one runs out of places to go. The town area has already my footprints all over it.
However, when the weekend arrives, each and every local, at least 80% of those whom still possess mobility, flock down to the City area.

Just like me, they too had spend most of their life on the island.
And just like me, they too plan where they want to go over the weekend.
Because they do not want to stay at home watching crummy saturday matinees.
And exactly like me, they find themselves visiting the places which they had imprinted their soles just weeks ago.

Retail therapy, or so it seems.
There are more people walking along the street than actually walking into retail shops.

And once the need for food is satisfied, most locals will just pop into the nearby cinema/multiplex to catch a blockbuster.

And because of that, the reason why the movie industry is booming in the island, is because it actually gives the local viewers a change.

They bring the viewers away for 2 hours. Away to another place which the viewers had not been before. Another place which is interesting. Somewhere else where you do not have to walk past the footprints you had just made 2 weeks ago.

The Hollywood effect.
A psychological trip to somewhere else.
2 hours.
9 dollars.

12.25pm noon.
23 July 2005.

I am going to walk past my footprints today in town.

"Fallen" After Peanuts

I try not to talk about peanuts or golden tap now. However, these are things which shape the history of the land where I am from. The saga from late June to mid July of 2005. A period of time when a peanut means $600,000. Having 2 of such nuts will make anyone a millionaire.

A period when no official person will dare splurge on expensive toiletware.

But I am not going to talk about how well some person is paid.
Just 3 days ago, on 20th July 2005, a piece of news flashed across the TV in the hotel room of Johor Bahru, where I was spending the night there.

The news flash on a Singapore channel apparently showed a small little tent, bearing the words "POLICE" on it. It was believed that someone had "fallen"from their unit on the 11th floor in the block of flat in the eastern part of the island.

It was not until 10mins later, after news of peanuts saga and after the local health minister said his piece of blah, that the newscaster began to report the news on the "fallen".

It was a child. Only 4 years of age. The babysitter, its grandmother, whom had left her sleeping alone to go for her weekly market trip. It was later reported in the local papers that it wasn't the babysitter's first time leaving the child alone. Upon typing the last sentence, I wanna say that it's not my intention to have the blame shifted to the babysitter, regardless of whom it might be.

Just that it gave me a reflection of myself 2 years back.

"No grilles at the windows!".
That was what I told my wife.
And the same was told to my contractor.
I'd just prepared enough money for my first flat and it needed some renovations before we could move in.
I felt that I wanted the house to be the way we liked it and myself having lived in a room with grilles for about 20 odd years, I wanted a window with a clear view.
All windows with clear views.

Back to present day.
The piece of sad news brings the harsh reality that it might just be my children whom might be curious about the view beyond the window. Curious enough to wanna stand on a chair to see how the coffee shop looks like from the 18th floor.

No one can prevent children from probing and asking about everything.

The least I can do is to provide an environment that is safe for my children.
So that they can continue to frustrate me with their questions and deplete my brain cells everyday.

23rd July 2005
My prayers for the parents of the unfortunate child.
Only they themselves know what they are going through right now.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Bedroom Companions

A little more update just to test the blog. [ and perhaps your patience as well ]

I am a man whom interests and career lies solely in the IT industry.

Before 2003, my bed was always cold, thus cultivating my habitual late sleeping.
Because a cold and lonely bed is never welcoming, I put off sleeping until my eyelids drop the bomb on me.
[ Besides, I spend too much time on the computer procrastinating ]

After 2003 December, a very beautiful and charming lady will await at my bed every night, beckoning me to sleep before the witching hour.

Since 2004 December, my bed has since warmed by 2 ladies, welcoming me into their arms every night.

Well, that's family for you unmarried men or married folks whom have decided not to have any kids yet....

The 2nd lady of my life.

Today is

22nd July 2005

Time is


About 8500-9000 days ago.

It was a Friday, 25th day of the month of June in the year 1976.
There had been another happy and sad news.

An unplanned fusion of cells 10 months prior to that day is due to be released from its tiny watery prison.
The bearer of the watery prison and her stakeholder are elated.
Happy that she no longer have the bear the burden since it began 10 months ago,
and yet unknown of their bigger burden in the 20 years to come.

He is excited, to see the first of his progeny. The first descendant of a new generation whom will bear the family name.

While the fully developed foetus attempts to wriggle out of its watery prison....His fate has already been sealed even before he sees the smiling faces of his creators.

Doomed for eternity on a rock.
That will be 29 yrs and 20 odd days ago.

If I was able to think and write on the first day I was borned, you might have been reading my life since then.
But since its only at such an age that I am able to speak with eloquence and write with a flair, you, my reader, have the privileges of reading parcels of my life whenever I have the time to include it in this blogspot.

Today is 22nd July 2005, 11:17 am +8:00 GMT