Monday, August 24, 2015

Are we creating new memories or reliving the memories?

A breaking discovery on the study on rat's brains when the animals have just died.

Near-death experiences are 'electrical surge in dying brain'

In Dying Brains, Signs of Heightened Consciousness

Both articles mention the activity of the brain were increased after death, particular this set of activity, named gamma waves/oscillations. In the latter article, it elaborates that the low-gamma waves are associated with familiarity in memory [ ie seeing something not for the first time ].

In the above BBC's article, scientists call it the "Brain's last hurrah". It's last burst of fire... activating as much neurons into overdrive.

During this heightened peak, could it be possible that the brain, sensing that it is dying, triggers a vivid dream that is a recollection of the memories since birth, allows it to relive every moment in life within the precious few minutes left?  [ Think of the movie "Inception" in the 2nd layer dream where dream time is sped up and dream years can be condensed into realtime minutes ].

And if that is true, what makes you so sure that this moment now, is not part of your dying brain's recollection of memories, and not ,actually creating a new one [ aka you are still alive and breathing ]?

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