Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Fallen" After Peanuts

I try not to talk about peanuts or golden tap now. However, these are things which shape the history of the land where I am from. The saga from late June to mid July of 2005. A period of time when a peanut means $600,000. Having 2 of such nuts will make anyone a millionaire.

A period when no official person will dare splurge on expensive toiletware.

But I am not going to talk about how well some person is paid.
Just 3 days ago, on 20th July 2005, a piece of news flashed across the TV in the hotel room of Johor Bahru, where I was spending the night there.

The news flash on a Singapore channel apparently showed a small little tent, bearing the words "POLICE" on it. It was believed that someone had "fallen"from their unit on the 11th floor in the block of flat in the eastern part of the island.

It was not until 10mins later, after news of peanuts saga and after the local health minister said his piece of blah, that the newscaster began to report the news on the "fallen".

It was a child. Only 4 years of age. The babysitter, its grandmother, whom had left her sleeping alone to go for her weekly market trip. It was later reported in the local papers that it wasn't the babysitter's first time leaving the child alone. Upon typing the last sentence, I wanna say that it's not my intention to have the blame shifted to the babysitter, regardless of whom it might be.

Just that it gave me a reflection of myself 2 years back.

"No grilles at the windows!".
That was what I told my wife.
And the same was told to my contractor.
I'd just prepared enough money for my first flat and it needed some renovations before we could move in.
I felt that I wanted the house to be the way we liked it and myself having lived in a room with grilles for about 20 odd years, I wanted a window with a clear view.
All windows with clear views.

Back to present day.
The piece of sad news brings the harsh reality that it might just be my children whom might be curious about the view beyond the window. Curious enough to wanna stand on a chair to see how the coffee shop looks like from the 18th floor.

No one can prevent children from probing and asking about everything.

The least I can do is to provide an environment that is safe for my children.
So that they can continue to frustrate me with their questions and deplete my brain cells everyday.

23rd July 2005
My prayers for the parents of the unfortunate child.
Only they themselves know what they are going through right now.

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