Thursday, October 06, 2005

A day to grow up

Four years ago, this day marks the day when I crossed the boundary of a bachelorhood.
Where I walked out of my shell as a single young man and joined a communion partnership of 2.

The past 4 years had been a learning journey on handling a relationship on a higher level.
A partnership for life.
I looked back the 4 years and I see all the sweetness of what Life had offered to the 2 of us.
And there were at some instances where we tasted bitterness and experience sadness.

4 years back, I could not see my future.
4 years since that day, I have learnt to work out how to plan for the future.

Now, when I look into your eyes, I see our future.
Everyday, the future looks more hopeful with our hard work.

Part of our future rests on our prodigal child.
And yet, when I look into her eyes, somehow, I see my past.
It feels like looking into a mirror which is showing a reflection of a younger version of myself..
Only this time, this younger version of myself can be given a better chance.
The chance for this younger version of me to take a better path. A chance for our child to emerge a better person than me.

Today is our 4th year wedding anniversary.
6th October 2001 was the exact date of our exchange of vows.
Everyday has been a miracle for me since.

Today is 6th October 2005.
"Without bitter, no one will ever know how sweet it ever was"
Franklin 19:18
6th Oct 2005

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