Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Book To Be Published Soon

A year back,
A good friend, named William, (his surname is suppressed to protect his identity), told me that with all the nonsensical facts that I have, I should actually write a book and publish it.

Facts such as

1) If we envision a line to be made up of an infinite amount of dots, and drawing a line means joining all the dots together, how come we don't take infinite amount of time drawing the line?

More to mention when I do publish the book.

The title of the book, as suggested by William shall be

"F****rd's Full Of Crap"

In short, FOC.

This blog will track my daily input of crap so one day, when it gets thick enough, I might just publish it.

And I will ask Mr William to write the Foreword page.

Today is 2nd August 2005
Time is 10.13pm

We are all destined to Eternity on this rock.
Why not make it a happier rock?

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