Saturday, September 24, 2005

Friend or Foe?

A couple of weeks ago,
I received a call on my mobile which the caller number was not a number which was recognised.
Upon answering, I realised it was an ex-colleague whom have not contacted me for a full year at least.

So, I expected some form of news which he had wanted to bring forth to me.
Naturally, when someone has not contacted you for some time, it's usually common that they start contacting you when they are going to get married or if they are throwing a party for their newborn. Either that, or it'd be some sad news which I don't think need any elaboration.

So, the voice on the opposite side was actually quite straight to the point..
It was the type of call everyone dread..

After a year of non-contact, I was called because he needed a loan urgently.
It wasn't the fact that the "voice" called regarding the loan which disgusted me.
It also wasn't because it was not the first time in the history of my acquaintance with the "voice".

It was the fact that the "voice" apparently is an entity whom is holding a position higher than me, drives a car, father of 2 and in normal days speaks with an authority over around me whereas I am merely an executive, still using the public transport, a recent father of 1 and I speak in a casual manner to all my peers and subourdinates alike.

He was almost begging.
Whatever the reason for his request for this loan, I am fully aware that once I concede to his request, there will be a third and forth and fifth time. [ Note that this is already the second time]

This brings me to what I wanna record today.
I thank my stars for where I am today where I do not have to beg.
I thank my stars for where I am today where my life is smooth sailing.
I thank my stars for I have a group of loyal friends whom I am loyal to also and that when their assistance is required, I really hope my stars are actually them.

I pray that I can continue to work hard for my family's continued existence in a relatively comfortable manner.

Though it is not my nature to classify my acquaintances on how much they are valued to me, such incidents make me ponder the exact opposite meaning of friendship.

Of how an acquaintance can ask of you which a foe will not.
It is funny how we respect a foe and how we respect a friend.

Anyway, before I get rhetoric about friend and foe, I wanna end the note that between the two, there's a very faint line separating the differences and I pray hard everyday, that I, myself, continue to stay on the same side with my loyal and close friends.

Today is 24th Sept 2005.
Time is 11.03pm.

If it's been more than a year since I last contacted you, and you are receiving a sudden call from me.....
Most likely, I'm calling you to tell you good news.

If it's been more than a year since I last contacted you, and you are receiving a sudden call from my wife....
Read the obituaries, most likely, you'd recall a familiar face.

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