Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If the world ends on 21 Dec 2012

Apocalypse or not, it is not within my control if it comes 21 Dec 2012 or at any dates in the near future.

Within my control is my own actions and thoughts..

Before everything ends(if it does), I'd like to be thankful and say some grace..

I am thankful for the life that I have. [ up to the current point in my lifespan ]
Healthy and happy kids and a caring wife.
And many relatives that love us.

Both my parents are still living [ though not with each other anymore, but happy nonetheless ].

I am happy to be living in this era of change where I am able to indulge in technology and enjoy the luxury that modern electronics have endowed us.

I am glad that my brain is able to comprehend many complex subjects and I can use my knowledge eagerly in pursuit of my interests in technology.

I feel appreciated to be always in constant company of family and friends.
It's rather nice to be appreciated and I hope I made them feel the same way too when they are in my company.

If there is really an end to this world (on 21-Dec-2012), I hope to be in the company of my family and friends at that final moment.

9 Dec 2012

If the world doesn't end on 21 Dec 2012, well, those whom still owe me $$, please pay up before the next predicted apocalypse. heheheh

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the season of sex scandals in Singapore

Tis the season for sex scandals in SG...
(Correction: Tis the frigging year of Sex Scandals in Singapore!)

2012 "IS" the year all dicks got out of their zippers!

Cat out of the bag.
If it sells, publish more of such news!

Sex with teachers and underaged students
Sex with underage hookers
Sex for business contracts
Sex between politicians and their staff

All the above happening in one tiny little red dot

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