Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Engineer and the Mathematician

The answer is not necessary mathematically correct.

According to the Mathematician, the engineer will never reach his destination.
True, but then again, he doesn't really have to.
His destination is not the absolute position of the target, because 2 matters can never exist in the same absolution position.

All he needs to is to get near enough for him to start a conversation.
Not get inside her pants literally!

So the difference between an Engineer and a Mathematician?
One seeks for absolute answer, the other seeks for an answer that is close enough to solve the problem.

The question deals with the infinite amount of half life in a life cycle of a decaying nucleus.
Many scientists study the nucleus of radiating materials and half lives are used to estimate the lifespan of the nucleus before the radiation becomes negligible.. The half live chart is a graph which bend towards infinity when charted along the time axis.

Today is 30th July 2005.
Time is 9:46am

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