Monday, July 24, 2006

Signs in JKT

In a place where "AIR" is referred to as a liquid and not a gas,

Superman is not allowed.

No Superman on street please

After much investigation and asking around, it was found out that the "S" means "STOP" and the sign actually means "No Stopping".

However, if you had noticed, all other road signs are in their native languages.
"Stop" in the native language of this place I visited actually is known as "Berhenti".
Using "B" as the abbreviation will confuse with "BAS" which incidentally mean "Bus".

In the confusing conundrum of signages using both english and also the local language, how can the road users be sure what signs actually mean? But I am surprised that though traffic condition is bad, it never comes to a standstill nor did I witness any road accidents... especially when every other vehicle is inching by everyone else...

It is also amazing that when changing lanes in this land, it is better not to signal at all because it just gives another reason for the driver of the adjacent lane to speed up.

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