Sunday, October 30, 2005

The need of money or the need of wealth

Everyone has needs.
We need air, water and food to survive.
The moment the 3 main needs are fulfilled, its noticed that we learn to have cravings.
Cravings beyond the 3 basic needs.
And these cravings feed off the five basic senses that we have.
Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Hear. Its so amazing, these five senses.
If we give it a little more thought, these five senses are detected by sensory organs which all have its highest sensitivity near the brain.
As technology brings us more products that can satisfy our cravings in the five senses, more money is needed to buy these equipment to give our five senses the pleasure that is craved.

In the past, people barter trade. 1 cow for 40 chickens. The marketplace was a location where traders brought their farming produce to trade for other produce. Money was not invented yet.
Well, as people got smarter, they knew it was not clever to bring 40 cows to the marketplace.
Money was the intermediate asset for easier barter trade. An object of exchange with equivalent value to the item meant for trade.

So as we evolve, money seemed to be thought of as the object that can satisfy our cravings.
But money isn't something that can do that. It is a mere intermediate product of exchange. A currency. A prefix. Stuff a hundred dollar bill into your pants, you sure aren't going to get any pleasure off your sense of touch.

Men and women of today are so engrossed in the chase of the currency that it is forgotten that the craving that they desperately need to fulfill cannot be achieved with mere abundance of currency. Give a man a million dollars and throw him in a desert without any basic amenities.
Can his five sensory organs gain any pleasure?

Money can satisfy the sensory cravings we have. It doesn't take an abundance of money to do that. If we can understand the need for money is to merely fulfill our 3 basic needs and our 5 sensory cravings, we actually have no need to crave for an abundance of money. We merely have to manage our cravings. Thus the need for money is inconsequential because money is just a prefix. If we can manage our cravings and understand that a balance of money to our needs and cravings is achievable, then infinite wealth is possible, because with control, our needs and cravings will never exceed the money which we regularly receive in a limited amount.

So if you are someone whom is chasing after the dollar sign so hard, remember that money itself is not something that can fulfill your cravings. And to those whom cravings requires them to chase $ in abundance, rethink the cravings and balance it.

Beyond the 3 basic needs and 5 cravings, if money is spent out of this needs and cravings, it means that money is used for something more useful, for the better good of others than for the purpose of the owner himself. Then that perhaps defines a wealthy person, enough for himself and capable of giving others as well..

Today is 30th Oct 2005. Time is 11:02am.
If there's anyone whom feels the desperate craving to give out money, kindly drop it inside my pocket.

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