Saturday, September 24, 2005

A thousand words not enough to describe a bag

24th September,

It was a day I have to celebrate every year since 1998.
1998 was the year I knew my wife.
She is the most wonderful person in my life.

Celebrating 24th September every year means that 25th of June can be celebrated in accordance also. This year however, was to be slightly special with the addition of our newest member of the family, our precious daughter.

And so the theme of the night was bags.
We searched quite a few boutique shops before deciding on a bag which resembles a animal skin water bottle right out of the mongolian dessert...
For most others, it'd be another bag around someone else's arm, but today, that bag is Dior.
It was a unique slanted shape. Unlike any other bags. A signature DIOR.

True, it comes with a price enough to pay for another 6 DKNY bags.
But the thought of the coming of the next 25th June simply excites me even futher!

Today is 24th September 2005.
I am thankful for today, as I'd be thankful for the 25th of June which is soon to come.

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