Monday, November 02, 2009

Where did the term dickhead come from?

Now I know what a dickhead is...

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Today is 2nd November 2009
Time now is 12:59 hrs

Who keeps a book of pretty pussies? Hands up please!

There are some friends of mine who'd kill to own this book for sake of the pictorials!

Today is 2nd November 2009
Time now is 12:47 hrs

Scam, Con, Robbery at Harbourfront, Singapore!

When I first heard about it, the first question I asked was, "Did you really mean Singapore's Harbourfront?".

I couldn't believe what I heard from my friend, "E".
E's mom was robbed in a taxi. The details goes like this.

His mom got on a taxi at the Harbourfront area. Then while stopping at a nearby traffic lights, 2 guys seemed to be fighting and a girl was in the middle of this scuffle. The girl then entered the same cab as E's mum in order to get some shelter from this heated argument/fight.

The 2 guys then tried to enter the cab but was stopped short as E's mom locked the door after the girl entered the cab. In the midst of the chaos, the girl left the cab as abruptly as she entered and the 3 took their discussion somewhere else. E's mom realised her handbag was missing moments later.

"E" had asked me to advise all friends and families to lock their car doors upon boarding regardless of whether it's a taxi or not. (This is a picture of "E" on the left, not the robbers)

Today is 2nd November 2009
Time now is 09:05 hrs

I cannot believe this is happening in Singapore. Let us do our bit to let these people know that Singapore is not a place to visit to "rob and steal". Together, we fight crime by preventing it. If you frequent the Harbourfront area and do take taxis from around there, do help us by turning on your phone camera for video recording whenever you board a cab and in the event that you captured something or someone suspicious, please send your video to