Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Long-Awaited FAV Pen Purchase

I think I waited about 6 years before getting this pen.

No, its not a Mont Blanc. But it has much significance for me.

6 years ago, I went to Kuala Lumpur (KL) with my wife and a few close friends.

While shopping in KL malls, I was introduced to this brand, Lamy, by a close friend, W. He was actually intending to purchase another model of pen from the same brand. While browsing with him, I saw this very interesting pen. When not in used, the pen will be in a contracted shorter length and with depress of the tip at one end, it will retract out to be a full length pen.

We used to call it the cigar pen then. Back then, I was struggling with finances and couldn't afford a simple less than S$80 luxury for a pen. Recently, I just so happen to see the "cigar" pen appear before me more than usual.

So today, I bought it before watching "Avatar".

Here is the pen in its full glory [ BTW, its called the Lamy Pico Pen ]

More of Pico product range at Lamy's website

Times Bookstore (Singapore) are having a 20% discount on all branded pens until 31st December 2009.

Else, you could get the red or blue version at Mustafa Centre (Singapore only 24hr shopping mall) at around the same discounted price as Times Bookstore. (

My review of the movie Avatar

 After reading so many one liners in FaceBook saying "Awesome", "Must Watch", "Fantastic", "Breath-taking" about the movie "Avatar", I decided to watch it at the cinemas instead of waiting for the video release. So this is my proper review instead of the usual 1-liners I see so often on FaceBook.

The plot of the movie revolves around decadent humans venturing to space in order to mine for precious minerals, after exhausting their own "Mother Earth".

Nathaniel in Stencil Art

Saw a guide on using the linux "photoshop equivalent" software called "GIMP" to create stencil art.

So played around with it and this was the result

Hope the stencil still retains the resemblence after the image manipulation from the original photo.

If anyone interested, the guide is here. <-------

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have a boner in the museum!

Now why would anyone pose the T-rexes in such a manner? I bet the museum curator has a pornographic sense of humour..

I have a boner
"Roar my name, Roar my name"
"Who's your daddy now?"
"Work that dino ass"

Monday, December 28, 2009

NSFW : Spiralling Duck Dick

This is a must see.

Male ducks, whose genital organs are usually hidden from plain sight, have to erect them in such a way that they are able to tunnel through the labyrinth of the female ducks' vaginas.

The reason is that, while female ducks are not able to prevent the male ducks from ejaculating when inside their vaginal tract, they are able to limit how far the males can penetrate. And as such, selecting which male gets to fertilise the eggs within her.

Enough of description, watch the video and discover a new word...


Thursday, December 24, 2009

No more wild tigers in China because the last one was eaten..

Yes, you guessed it right..

Eaten by a Chinese.

There was this saying I heard sometime ago..

"If it has legs and it's not a chair
if it can fly and it's not a plane,
the Chinese will probably eat it.."

Thanks to these folks, China no longer has any wild Indochinese tigers, whom are already on the brink of extinction.

Buy kitchen utensils, pots and pans cheap in Singapore

Kitchen Utensils, pots and pans at wholesale prices at local warehouse

Thanks to IndoLeisureChef for locating this place!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Win Weekly Singapore Flyer Tickets

Play to win free Singapore Flyer Tickets
(Which otherwise cost a bomb to buy for local citizens,
especially those with family of 4-5 members)

Singapore's version of the Heineken Screaming Guys Video

This is a locally made parody video of the Heineken's Screaming Guys/Walk-in Fridge advertisement :


Original source : OnlyWilliam blog

Elephant Monday blues!

I know it's not Monday yet..

But can someone please tell the elephant?


I edited a photo from ThatGirl blog..
Though the readers might like it..

Original Photo here:

Need for savings and liquidity

Need for savings and liquidity:

"It is important for each person to have savings and liquidity. I have suggested that each person should set aside 50% of current earnings (inclusive of CPF) for housing and the future. As CPF takes about 35% (including employer's contribution), the personal savings should be 15%. Younger people living with their parents can save a larger proportion (say upt o 30%) if they do not have to repay any study loan or contribute towards their family expenses.

Read more of Tan Kin Lian good advice on savings of Singaporeans here


Hilarious scene in movie "Old Dogs"

The part where Robin Williams did the reverse swing onto Seth Green is absolutely hilarious!!

Old Dogs - Nut Job - For more amazing video clips, click here

“Old Dogs opens in cinema 31 Dec 2009”

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Many men will be shouting and screaming about this Heineken Christmas tree in China!

I think there will many guys screaming after they see this Heineken structure..
Happy Holidayz!

Christmas tree made out of Heineken bottles:


This giant artificial Christmas tree can be found on Nanjing Road in Shanghai. It's made out of 1,000 empty full(?) Heineken bottles.

[via Inhabitat]


GPS guided mortars? Can we buy?

I am a mortar detachment commander (see previous blog post) in my reservist and this baby rocks my world!

That is if SAF decides to buy it, given Singapore's large annual defense budget..

GPS guided mortars: "


US Army with its behemoth spending budget is now looking to drop about $5 million dollars on GPS guided mortars to kill more efficiently. The high tech mortars are needed to fight in Afghanistan where targeting people along mountain ridgelines and other high positions is apparently an issue.

Currently there are three companies competing for the contract of developing 120mm precision mortars compatible with the M120 system under the Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative: Raytheon, GD, and Alliant Techsystems.

The 3 companies tested GPS guided versions of the precision mortar in May 2009. The next test will be in January 2010 after which the Army will select the winning design.

Army’s needs are very specific – a GPS guided 120mm mortar with a circular error probable of 16.4 feet and a 4.3 mile range while being compatible with already existing firing devices… via

Read more here for GPS guided mortars

One "GPS guided" round away!!!

Riko Tachibana Retired from Acting.. So sad..

Aww... Riko Tachibana, you shouldn't have quit your acting job.

Please resume acting!

"Sorry to tell you that, all Riko Tachibana fans. Riko Tachibana is retired.

Japanese Astronaut Brings First Sushi Into Space, What would the Singapore Astronaut bring?

Let me ask you, if it was a Singaporean astronaut, what is the first thing he or she is going to bring up to space?

Answer : See bottom of post!

Japanese Astronaut Brings First Sushi Into Space:

With an American and a Russian colleague, Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi launched into space today in a Soyuz spacecraft, bringing with him the first sushi ever taken into orbit:

“We had training in Japan and I trained (my space colleagues) to be sushi lovers, so I am going to make a couple of flavors of sushi,” Noguchi told a press conference ahead of Monday’s launch of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

“…Some sashimi, and raw fish and sushi and I will bring that up to the space station to share with my crew.”

According to NASA, normal fare on the space station includes staples like mushroom soup, macaroni and cheese, or chicken and rice.

On the Russian side, there is tinned perch, curds with nuts and beetroot soup (borscht) sucked through a straw from a plastic bag.

If you were going up, what food would you take with you?

Read more here

Answer to question on top of post:

A Frigging ERP Cashcard, to get out of Singapore skies! If space travel is going to be common soon, Singapore will sure find a way to install frigging ERP gantries!!! HAHAHAHAH

Missing jet engines: Action against high ranking officers

How they got missing in the first place... is a mystery....

Missing jet engines: Action against high ranking officers:

"High ranking officers overseeing the Royal Malaysian Air Force fighter jets at the time when its RM50mil engines were stolen would be held responsible, said Defence Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi."

A Real Life Russel From Pixar's 'Up'


This boy sure looks like the real deal...


Resuming regular jogs and tracking them..

After last week of 2km and 4km on 2 consecutive days respectively, my legs were feeling better after 3 days of rest..

Embarked on a previous path I used to jog near my place.. a 3.4 km distance, according to Google Earth. Completed in about 20 minutes.

The legs didn't hurt that bad and I feel I am almost ready to regularly jog again..

Next target, my ECP haunt.. 6km.

Stopping for 6 months, the body will take some time to achieve my previous personal record of 34 minutes for the 6km run.

Singapore: Health Minister apologizes for long queues at hospital, Transport minister doesn't do anything about poor traffic?

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan has apologized to patients of Tan Tock Seng Hospital for the long waiting time in his latest blog entry today.
Located in the central part of the island, Tan Tock Seng Hospital has the busiest A&E department in the whole of Singapore.

Read more here : Khaw Boon Wan apologizes for long waiting time at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

My question is how come we don't see Mr Transport Minister apologizing for poor traffic conditions?

Monday, December 21, 2009

$4.90 haircut in Toa Payoh

I'd had the cheapest haircut of my life here..

$4.90 SGD

I went for a prisoner cut.. which means I now look like a recently released prisoner with my new haircut..


It's along a cluster of shops near Block 20, Toa Payoh Lorong 7.
Many saloons there..

This particular one is beside a "Valu $" shop.

At its glass door, is a sign that says "$4.90 haircut".

The 2 hairdressers/barbers inside are fun to chat with...
[aka in colloquial term : talk a lot of cock! ]

View Larger Map

Singapore - Senior Account Manager / Account Manager -

My company is hiring..

Anyone interested to work and travel with me, please apply..

I know many will apply but applicants must meet the requirements of course.....


Singapore - Senior Account Manager / Account Manager -

"Senior Account Manager / Account Manager job in Palette Multimedia Bhd(Full Time , Permanent). JobsDB has a lot of Business Development, ...

World's worst endangered animal smuggling kingpin

I give the thumbs down to whomever whom approves of this, regardless a person, a company or a country.

One of the most wanted wildlife smuggler in the world...

Anson Wong, apparently, a Malaysian Chinese, was a big time kingpin in smuggling endangered wildlife all around the world until his arrest a decade ago.

After his 47 month jail term in USA, he is now into smuggling tigers and he does that by legally breeding them within his home country.

And Malaysia gave him the permit to open up such a park, knowing well that, he will siphon bred tigers out through other black market channels...

Their "Wildlife Enforcement" reply was.....

"...but if we don't give him a license, he would just do it anyway."

"As far as Malaysia is concerned, he abides by local laws and has the necessary licenses, What he does outside the country is not our concern."

Read the full article here

Blood in the Punani!

Sri Lanka ends hostilities after 25 years of bad blood.

Garmet factory in Punani, Eastern Sri Lanka, helps war torn civilians, whom had lost friends and families in the war, move on with life.

Wikipedia entry on Punani

Well... Punani actually mean many things.
And its not always used to refer to the beaver alone.

Even the beaver can refer to a native language used in Canada

Friday, December 18, 2009


His cigar reviews are not too bad..

Talks abit about the Cigar scene in SG as well...

Singapore: 28000+ Banned from Sands and Sentosa |

28000+ Banned from Sands and Sentosa |

"Should the Sands Corporation or Malaysia's Genting Group fail to enforce the rule, fines of up to one million Singapore dollars (approximately $725k US) could be levied against the businesses. Persons who feel themselves to be at risk ...

Read more here

Excuse me, are you a bird?

You have gotta see the shape of his head!

Really looks like a bird!!

Technically correct to call him birdbrain..
Or is his name really Dick?

More here

Amazing Mask Changing Skills

This is still one of my favourite tricks to see as a spectator..

Amazing Mask Changing Skills:
Photo: Futurestar Entertainment Group

Source : Neatorama

Car Owners: Do You Make More Than $7,650?

This article is very interesting about car ownership in Singapore...
SGD$ 7.6k as a base salary to own a car in Sg....

I don't earn this amount... perhaps I should consider selling my car??

Car Owners: Do You Make More Than $7,650?:

"If you are a car owner, does your pay match your car ownership status? If you don’t have a car, how do you know whether you can afford one? In this article, proposes using $7,650 as an income guideline for car ownership in Singapore......"

Read more here

Nice cakes!

Pink Ginger By Nee: Online Singapore Baker!

1st Birthday - Brandt - 5 Dec 2009

Their cakes are always so so so good looking and delicious!

More here

Indoleisurechef makes a sandwich!

Find out how to make this delicious sandwich!!!!

How would you win this game show?

The below topic was previously mentioned in my blog here

Read more

How would you win this game show?:

"Here's a nice little game-theory exercise:

You are in a game show with nineteen other players. You don't know the other players, you can't see them, and you can't communicate with them. The game you are in is called 'Greed!', and is straightforward to explain. You are asked to write down a whole dollar amount in the range $1 - $1,000,000 on a piece of paper. You will be paid the amount you asked for if it is deemed to be 'non-greedy'. Whether your request is indeed 'non-greedy' will be decided once all twenty request have been received by the host of the show. Your requested amount will be labeled 'non-greedy' if no other player has asked for less, and at least one player has asked for more.

How do you play?

Game Theory - The Art Of Acting Rational


I Want Babies!: Weaponized/Armored Strollers

I Want Babies!: Weaponized/Armored Strollers:


Have you ever seen a better reason to have children? I haven't. These strollers, designed by Chinese artist Shi Jinsong, are just the thing to give your little tyke a head start on surviving the zombie/robotic apocalypses. Which, according to my calculations, may actually take place simultaneously. What does that mean to you? Holy f***ing shit.

Hit the jump for another shot of this one and another badass carriage that I would in no way, shape or form be ashamed to be pushed around in.



shi jinsong gun shape baby carriage [designboom]"

Geez, is this really necessary?

Bug powder causes male bedbugs to stab each other to death with their penises

Bug powder causes male bedbugs to stab each other to death with their penises: "Male bedbugs will schtup anything, and when they do, their stabby little penises can do great damage to one another. Female bedbugs have some 'down there' armor that absorbs the punishing blows of the bedbug's love-spear, but males lack this protection. A pheromone discovered by a Swedish researcher can cause male bedbugs to kill each other with their penises through uncontrolled shagging:

According to lead researcher Camilla Ryne, bedbugs are notoriously undiscerning about who they mount, and are accustomed to stab their penis straight into another male's abdomen...

Males with blocked glands were mounted as often as other males, but for longer and suffered more wounds.

'This is the first time I've seen an alarm pheromone used as a sexual one,' New Scientist quoted Ryne as saying.

New discovery may help deal with bedbug infestation

Today is 18th December 2009
Time is 16:41 hrs

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turn on headlights and local radio when in expressway tunnel

Most Singaporean drivers use the multiple expressways very regularly and yet no one ever asked this question..

Why when travelling in expressway tunnels, especially the ones with speed cameras, there will be signs to advise motorists to turn on their headlights and local radio station?

Even when there are ample ambient lighting from the tunnel ceiling itself?
Well, it makes even lesser sense to switch to local radio when you are already listening to your CD or MP3 collection.
And if you are already tuning into local radio stations, the signs that say, "Turn on local radio stations" is almost redundant.

And it is most interesting that the 2 signs [ headlights and local radio ] will appear in tandem only in tunnels that have speed cameras...

Could turning on headlights and tuning to local radio stations help the camera to sense your vehicle's speed better?

If so, does that mean the opposite will make it less likely to get caught speeding in these tunnels with speedcams?

Today is 15 December 2009
Time now is 10:40 hrs


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Child in Cinema Box office

Yesterday, my wife and I brought my 5 year old daughter out to the mall.

As my wife was busy choosing clothes for our younger son, I brought my daughter, Isabel, around the mall and we ended up at the cinema box office in the mall.

The intention was not to watch a movie but to see what was available for the next few days as I promised her a couple of days ago that I'd bring her to watch Disney's "The Princess and the Frog".

There we were at the cinema's box office and there was this promo area with cardboard standees of the movie of "The Princess and the Frog" and a small LCD running the preview and interview with some of the cast of the movie.

I let her watch for a few minutes and as I noticed that the promo reel has repeated several times, I prompted Isabel that we had to leave and meet up with Mummy soon. She refused to leave and told me that the voice on the promo reel said "Coming Soon".

I guess she misinterpret and thought the movie was going to show on the small LCD screen because the voice kept saying "Coming Soon" as if the movie will be showing next, on the same little screen.

That kinda made my day.

My little princess, you will watch the movie in a proper theater. Daddy assure you..

Today is 13th December 2009
Time now is 01:39 hrs

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December December December

I feel poetic today about the year that had passed..
It has been a difficult year, no doubt eventful and some bits of it filled with happiness...

So here are my thoughts on December 2009.

December December December,
A month that we try to remember,
For the year has passed yet again,
For those whom toil and,

For those whom slumber.

12 months of effort,
54 weeks of work,
Trapped in our own paths,
And lament decisions chosen by us.

Now the year will soon begin,
Free again to choose our will,
To define again the confines,
To commit to time,
To work out the plan we have in mind.

Today is 1st December 2009
Time now is 18:16 hrs

Every year seems to be tougher than the one before...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Where did the term dickhead come from?

Now I know what a dickhead is...

News Source

Today is 2nd November 2009
Time now is 12:59 hrs

Who keeps a book of pretty pussies? Hands up please!

There are some friends of mine who'd kill to own this book for sake of the pictorials!

Today is 2nd November 2009
Time now is 12:47 hrs

Scam, Con, Robbery at Harbourfront, Singapore!

When I first heard about it, the first question I asked was, "Did you really mean Singapore's Harbourfront?".

I couldn't believe what I heard from my friend, "E".
E's mom was robbed in a taxi. The details goes like this.

His mom got on a taxi at the Harbourfront area. Then while stopping at a nearby traffic lights, 2 guys seemed to be fighting and a girl was in the middle of this scuffle. The girl then entered the same cab as E's mum in order to get some shelter from this heated argument/fight.

The 2 guys then tried to enter the cab but was stopped short as E's mom locked the door after the girl entered the cab. In the midst of the chaos, the girl left the cab as abruptly as she entered and the 3 took their discussion somewhere else. E's mom realised her handbag was missing moments later.

"E" had asked me to advise all friends and families to lock their car doors upon boarding regardless of whether it's a taxi or not. (This is a picture of "E" on the left, not the robbers)

Today is 2nd November 2009
Time now is 09:05 hrs

I cannot believe this is happening in Singapore. Let us do our bit to let these people know that Singapore is not a place to visit to "rob and steal". Together, we fight crime by preventing it. If you frequent the Harbourfront area and do take taxis from around there, do help us by turning on your phone camera for video recording whenever you board a cab and in the event that you captured something or someone suspicious, please send your video to

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cook a human hand for dinner!

This dish will ensure guests do not ask for a next dinner at your place!

Also makes a good halloween dish!

Serve it during 7th lunar month aka Chinese ghost month! Scare the hell out of your in-laws!

Before serving the dish to your girlfriend/boyfriend that you are about to breakup with, tell them you have a dark secret to share with them and then serve this dish, enjoy the spooky silence as he/she stuns in shock wondering what dark secret it is after seeing this dish!!

Meat hand dish comes complete with connecting bone, nails and rotting flesh...
All edible and made of primarily meatloaf, cheese and onions!

Step by step guide on how to make a revolting
completely edible meat hand here! <--- Click here!

Today is 29th October 2009
Time now is 09:43 hrs

I wanna hold your haaaaannnnndddd hand hand, I wanna eat it too! ( Sung in tune to the Beatles Song )

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nathaniel Neo

My son Nathaniel Neo

This newspaper clipping is definitely worth reading

Today is 27th October 2009
Time now is 13:25 hrs

I can only say "Ouch" and "Ouch" again when reading the last paragraph..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crowd Sourcing!

I am embarking on a video project for youtube.

Need about 100-200 volunteers to participate..

If you are interested to appear in an upcoming youtube video that may rise to be the TOP viewed local video on youtube, do let me know..

To participate for the first project, please take a video of yourself saying

"Hannah Hannah"

In Singlish, to say "Hannah Hannah" is equivalent to saying "ok ok" in a annoyed/disgusted fashion, as if the question asked is a ridiculously stupid question that cannot be answered with a "no". has its own definition of "HAN NA" here.

The individuals videos of participants saying "Hannah Hannah" will be stitched together in series to form a long video of many people saying the same word.

The video can be used for facebook, forums, or any replies in email in which you'd want to use the video to reply to a stupid question or merely to diss anyone whom is asking for "yes" answer.

Video format can be in the form of mp4, 3gp or any other cellphone video formats. Note that I am unable to process wmv, flv or videos already uploaded in youtube. By sending me the video, you are also giving permission for it to be used by me in this project to use in youtube.

The youtube video in which you will star in, will also be used by other users in their replies. In short, if you join our project, you give permission that it will appear in youtube for others to use.

Send us the video to

An video example below

Today is 24th October 2009
Time now is 11:02 hrs

To share this piece of news with your friends to get them to join this project, click on the "Share on Facebook" button below...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bet you did not know this...

OG, the retail mall for local fashion, that is also known for using mostly caucasians for their advertisements, started off as "Ocean Garments".

This is the unabbreviated meaning of OG.

PS: It doesn't mean Old Grandmother fashion, though the older ladies prefer to shop at OG than other retail chains.

Monday, October 05, 2009

E Coli bacteria found in beef [USA]

A young dance instructor, experiencing cramps and aches in her stomach thought that it was a minor stomach virus and didn't pay much attention to it.

Little did she knew that she was hit by a very strong strain of the E.Coli bacteria, aka, O157:H7 strain. The 0157:H7 E.Coli bacteria strain, if untreated, can lead to severe diarrhoea and even kidney failure. In the case of the young dance instructor, it lead to paralysis waistdown as it'd severely damaged the central nervous system of this young lady, Miss Smith.

The cause was traced to a dinner of "ground beef" the family had prepared in 2007, meat grounded by a certain grounding house factory.

To completely remove E.Coli from food, it is advised to cook meats and vegetable to a temperature of 72 degrees celsius for at least 15 seconds. This method has been tested to successfully eradicate any traces of E.Coli from cooked meats and vegetables.

Source: New York Times [Online Edition] via Boing Boing

Today is 5th October 2009
Time now is 10:26 hrs

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Deep sea water ???

Who in their right mind would want to drink sea water? Regardless how deep in Hawaii it was from...

This advertisement was originally seen on Today Paper October 03, 2009. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Did you know you can call HDB to clean your ****?

After Nathaniel was born, Mrs Neo, in her confinement holiday of 4 months, spent a great deal of time at home.

In this period, she saw that the parapet area, where the aircon compressor was installed, is getting very dirty and was blocking the hole that was meant to allow water to seep through.

She called the local town council and they sent their contractor to clean up the parapet area for free!

I believe they are obliged to do this as water clogging will damage the cement which was outside the flat and it was too dangerous for house owners themselves to clean it.

Today is 23rd September 2009
Time now is 09:49 hrs

Time to find out your local town council telephone number!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just bought a nice bag that has a funny print for my wife

On the bag, there is a badge that says [ILOVEUCB]

Saw the bag in Thailand Bangkok Airport.

Bought it..

This funny tag which says ILOVEUCB will be very ambiguous especially for Singaporeans..

Today is 22nd September 2009
Time now is 18:32 hrs

UCB actually means United Colors of Benetton but apparently, most Singaporeans will think otherwise!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Another site ranked this blog to worth S$22k+++

Today is 7th September 2009
Time now is 18:35 hrs

Can I cash out now?

My blog's worth US$500++

Wow! Can actually tag a value to my blog!
Btw. xiaxue's blog is worth US$400k!

Check your own blog's value!

Today is 7th September 2009
Time now is 14:48 hrs

Photo capture of an angel!

Following my own picture of the grim reaper in Batam,

This is another picture [ not taken by me ] of an angel..

Again, many will try to explain the phenomenon with science and even claim that the picture was staged..

See for yourself.

Original Story Source: Forgetomori

Today is 7th September 2009
Time now is 12:53 hrs

Angel or spook? You decide..

Friday, September 04, 2009

I bet most Singaporeans didn't know this political history!

Just found out that :

PKMS [ Singapore Malay National Organization ] was a branch of Malaysia's UMNO [ United Malays National Organization ] previously when Singapore was still a part of Malaysia.


PAP [ People Action Party ] had a branch in Malaysia before its independence, AKA DAP [ Democratic Action Party ].

Of course, after Singapore's independence, the main parties and their branches no longer have any affiliation (**) across the borders but it's interesting to know such political history.

Perhaps something good (learning about political history) came out of the fight between PKMS incoming/outgoing councils. By "fight", I mean a real brawl! Read here for more details on the skull fracturing brawl..

Source : Temasek Review

Today is 4th September 2009
Time now is 13:09 hrs

** Or is there any now?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Don't fart during surgery

This one earned my laughter today..

Haven't laughed like that for some time..

A picture is worth 1000 words..

Source : Buzzfeed

Today is 3rd September 2009
Time now is 16:11 hrs

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

No need to flush, save WATER!

I'd seen more and more of these waterless, zero flush urinals installed nowadays in Singapore. The urinals are chemically treated and does not need water to flush for every use.

Come to think of it, it's amazing how much water we use to flush the urinals for every use. I believe for every 200-300ml of urine, a litre of clean water is needed to clean the urinal. Multiply this amount by the usage pattern of each urinal, we actually waste a lot of clean water just to flush our pee from the urinal into public sewage.

However, these zero water flushing systems require chemical treatment and my guess is that there are some costs involved in the regular chemical treatment. Not too sure of the costs of the treatment will outweigh the cost of the water used by the conventional flushing.

In any case, this trend is only beginning and no one knows if in the long run, the zero flush system will really prove to eliminate stain and smell and maintain the same level of hygiene. We shall see.

One of the systems I saw in Singapore is of this particular brand

Today is 2th September 2009
Time now is 15:12 hrs

If it's environmentally friendly and saves costs and still maintain the same standard of hygiene.. why not?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Interesting picture

Not sure what this picture is?

Look closer..

This is a static picture...
Bet you are seeing stars..

Today is 31th Aug 2009
Time now is 02:00 hrs