Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Saturday Afternoon [Part II]

Have you ever encountered being caught in a jam and every turn leads to another jam?
It's worse when you are in a cab. An entrapment, you cannot, in the good nature as another fellow human being, alight and pay the metered fare and expect the cab driver to blame it on the jam, where he/she has to continue to crawl in the jam until the taxi is out of the jam area.

And you cannot blame the cab driver for you were the one whom gave the specific route to take to reach your destination.

So I blame the nation.
Because the JAM was caused by another rehearsal for N'day Celebrations, which incidentally, has to be done in the city.

For a group of 50-80 govt officials and One Very Important Person's smooth traffic flow on the Nation's birthday, the rest of the country have to bear stupid jams on routes, which traffic from the affected areas, were directed onto.

Even More Brilliant.
For fear of not doing everything right first time, the party organisers AKA "Green men in huge trucks" rehearse every weekend for 2 months leading to the big day, so that they wouldn't screw up.
Bet they didn't realise the rest of the nation was going through traffic hell just to endure the stupid rehearsals.

I also Brilliant.
So Taxi Companies are raising their fares, booking charges , waiting time charges.
Bet you didn't realise the waiting time charges. Perhaps even never noticed it.
Well, maybe now you might just wanna find out how fast it clicks while stationary.

Not so Brilliant Public.
Despite knowing that periods like these, the city area will be clogged with traffic, the general public still travels downtown.
Makes anyone wonder if the govt is nominated by the public, whom are making all the smart choices?
Are we just a mob, like a school of dumb fishes?
Or are there really smart individuals within the school of fish that is doing the directing?

Which gives me the final conclusion of what I wanna blog today.
I was the dumb ass whom went into town in a taxi entrapped in the jams knowing fully that the rehearsal dates and I still chosed to dive into the "pool full of poo"**.

Today is
23rd July 2005
Time is 10.30pm

** Poolful of Poo : Sounds nice enough for me to use.
Meaning "in deep shite"

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