Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Anthem

This country I lived in just celebrated its National Day.

The TV was telecasting the event and was airing the part where everyone at the event was singing the national anthem.

While my family and some friends were watching, I asked one of them, whom was a Malaysian, if she knew what was the national language of my country?

Most people would say English, whom is the first language and the preferred language used in many places. But only known to some, the national language is actually Malay.

So my friend, SK, whom was enlightened by the fact and yet has queries of her own, asked...
"Do most locals even know the meaning of the National Anthem, since it is sung in Malay?"

Someone in our gathering actually said he knew the meaning of Mari Kita.
And I replied loudly " MARI KITA MEANS STAND UP!".
And upon saying that, I gave myself a proud grin.

My malaysian friend replied saying that Mari Kita actually means "come together"

The joke was really very subtle here. It took us some moments before we all burst into a loud laughter.

Oblivious to my friend from the friendly north, most of us always used the term Mari Kita to define "standing up". Mainly because in our school days, we stand in a parade every morning singing the National Anthem watching the flag get raised.

And because of the raising of the flag, the term "Mari Kita" is also used cheekily in describing the male organ in its most eagered stance.

So my dear friends whom do not yet know that the national language of the country they live in is "Malay", please do not embarass yourself by saying that you know the meaning of the words used in the song which you used to sing every weekday morning for at least 16 years.

Today is 10th August 2005.
The time is 11.01pm.

I am learning something new about myself everyday.
Yesterday, I just learnt that I am a complete fool.
Mari Kita.

At least I know the worm-like insect on the mahjong tiles is known as a Centipede and not a Caterpillar

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