Monday, July 25, 2005

Joy of Success

A success, no matter how small it is, brings sweetness to the person behind it.
A task set out to do and completed before expected end time.
A job well done exceeding what was requested.

Today, I succeeded in creating an online bulletin board.
This same task, last week, seemed impossible because I had neither the experience nor knowledge building up the board.
Even though I was in Malaysia most of the time in the last week, I kept thinking of how I can achieve this impossible task.

But today, just today, at 10-11am, I was reminded of this task again by a colleague.
Thanks to him, I fearfully clicked the downlink link which allowed me to download the software required.

Funny thing was, the fear of not knowing and not having experience of setting up the bulletin board, disappeared immediately when I started to work on it.

4 hours later, in the same day, the board was ready to be accessed by users.

"Once started, it's as good as 50% completed"
A famous Chinese saying. How true.... How true....

Well, no problems will be solved if the solution never starts.
And I am glad I am able to get success from this task which I thought I didn't have the capacity to take it on, and yet, I managed to conquer it.

Today is 25th July 2005
Time is 11.42pm

Doing the maths, working on the task 4 hours straight after 11am is only 4pm max.....
[ lunch hour included ].

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