Monday, August 15, 2005

Traxtoratore's Lesson in Hypnosis

It's been quite a while since I was amazed by Magic , Religion and the Supernatural.
I read up quite a bit on these 3 subjects.

The 3 of them all have the same effect.
They create and instill belief.
Some believe religion is the answer to their existence.
Some believe that there are supernatural beings around us.
Some believe that there are really people whom can perform miracles.

Belief, itself, or rather the mind that believes, is the power at work.
Therefore from the 3 topics, I have dwelled into another subject matter altogether.

Its not normal to see another man being hypnotised.
Disbelief, to the fact that another spectator can stand on the hypnotised subject when he is only supported by 2 stools at his legs and head while he is in the horizontal facing up position.

However, after being shown that it is possible, Belief is upon the non-believers.
Another subject hypnotised.
Not that the new believer can now support heavy weights upon his chest or waist as like the volunteer, whom had performed an amazing feat.
But the new believer has somewhat been tuned to believe also.
A subtle form of hypnosis.

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