Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Science of Balance

The evolution of Science had satisfied Man's quest for knowledge.
Science had provided the answers to most of the "Why's" which Man had been asking.

Rain for example. A phenomenon of precipitation of vapour at an altitude, pressure and temperature at suitable conditions. An eternal cycle. Prediction is fairly possible with detailed records of yearly rainfalls.

To most, rain happens because vapour precipitated in the sky over our heads.
However, that is the scientific explanation of how it happens.
Why it happens? To water the earth which precious crops grow on?
To maintain a perfect ecological balance? To flood the rivers?

Can rain be purposeful in its nature? Can Man then direct its purpose or in some way control it?
For most parts of the world, that spans from the equator to the northern hemisphere, the summer period causes droughts. Droughts which cause many lifeforms to falter. Lifeform's whom fate is dependent on the water. Yet this cycle of life and death is inevitable for a balanced ecological system. A system where the natural selection of the species which can survive.

It is also known that its the elliptical path of earth around the Sun and that of Earth's rotation that causes the change of seasons, which in turn affect the amount of rainfall.

Is gravity, which explains the push and pull between planets, and causes the elliptical motion of planets around the sun that affects the weather? The intricate balance of each planet as an element in the perfect motion of elliptical fashion around the Sun is critical for the fixed path.
Every planent's path is pre-ordained for all eternity. Each its own path around the Sun and each in a concentric elliptical path which will never collide with another.

Today is 1st December 2005.
Time is 1530hrs.

It is amazing the cycle of evolution and science and the amount of trash generated everyday or the amount of equipment sent to Space everyday, that none of it amounts to a huge change of mass on our planet which can cause the gravitational effects to change in relation with the rest of the planets which are almost static in terms of trash and evolution and science. Perhaps, that balance, will never be explained by Science alone.

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