Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taste but don't swallow!

Why is excess indulgence considered sinful?
If so, why did HE create the tools of indulgence and yet contradict by saying its sinful?

"Look but don't stare, Touch but don't squeeze, taste but don't swallow.

If we are given the delights of the 5 senses, why are we not to indulge in excess?

Won't that be going against nature?

Today is 29th July 2009
Time now is 09:36 hrs

Spawn Freely..
Its just nature.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Captain of Degenerates

For the past month of July, an inquiry trial in Singapore, for inhumane and torturous acts of 3 prison inmates committed onto one cellmate, resulted in heavy penalties for the perpetrators. : Strong words, caning and jail for trio.

The 3 inmates were found guilty of sadistic and degrading acts committed unto another inmate sharing the same cell as them. Causing grievous hurt, forcing oral sex and sodomy to another inmate. All 3 were given sentences of each between 16-19 years jail term and 16-22 strokes of the cane.

It was mentioned in various media that during the trial, the victim did tell the court that pleas from the victim inmate fell upon deaf ears of the prison wardens when he was tortured. The beatings went on for 8 days before he submitted into committing degrading acts for his aggressors.

The 3 guilty inmates were previously jailed for committing thefts, robbery, causing hurt, rioting and juvenile crime. All 3 of them were in their early twenties, doing time in a place where supposedly to rehabilitate them for re-insertion into society again.

However, the concept of doing jail time for the purpose of rehabilitation and society re-acceptance seemed to be flawed here. For 8 days under prison supervision, constant battering go unseen. Oral sex and sodomy to be un-noticed by prison wardens. One has to question if inmates have such a luxury of privacy that these crimes can go unseen.

Are the prisons in Singapore meant to rehabilitate or to further degenerate the inmates? Are wardens Captain of Lives or merely "doing time" for a monthly pay cheque? Does the prison services require a third party watchdog to audit their practices?

Given proper supervision and guidance, these young men could have done their time over in less than a few years for their previous crimes and be out of prison as matured men, knowing differences between right and wrong and able to serve society again. But instead, doing time for them turned them into degenerates. To add an extended jail term of 16-19 years and expect rehabilitation given similar prison environment, one has to wonder the possibility of it happening.

Young men, whom have a possibility of a future after their jail term, now faces a heftier term due to crimes committed while in prison. By the time they are released, they'd be nearing their forties. Without much experience and skills, with the stigma of an ex-con, will they be accepted into society again? And if these ex-cons cannot get jobs for their own sustenance, will they turn to crime again?

Today is 28th July 2009
Time now is 10:29 hrs

Jailterm is a good deterrence for youths against crime.
But for those already in jail, proper guidance and rehabilitation must be done to give these inmates hope and deter them from a life of crime and longer jail term.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Photo was taken in Batam 2007..
One of the more popular hotels...

For those whom doubt the authenticity, this photo was taken by ME!
The original jpg file still bear the metadata of the photo [ eg digital camera brand/model, flash, aperture, etc etc ]

This picture was originally taken so as to show to friends whom have never been to that particular hotel in Batam looked like. It wasn't until in 2008 when organizing the photos that this phenomenon was noticed.. Spine chilling everytime I see this picture..

Today is 22nd July 2009
Time now is 23:14 hrs

For those whom want to take a look at the original picture in more detail, just click on the picture above.. Just make sure you are mentally prepared to see what you are expecting to see...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Free $$ Opportunity aka Lobang!

It's not everyday someone offers free money.

Thanks to Brother-In-Law Sam Goh,
He introduced me to a bank relationship manager whom offered a suite of credit cards that gives out free credit.

A suite of 4 cards with first year subscription free and each comes with its own benefits and privileges.

Some notable ones

1) $75 credit into the "Prudential Card" aka Free $$ to spend
2) $20 credit into the "Manhattan Card" aka Free $$
3) 10% discounts until Sept 09 for "all" retail purchases for Platinum Master Card (up to $100 max)
4) 5% cash rebate on "all" retail purchases using "Manhattan" card

A up front of $95 free money.
Sign up today

(This deal is only for those residing in Singapore)

For those interested, you can contact
James Wu

Today is 20th July 2009
Time now is 09:12 hrs

I am in no way benefitting from any new signups. Only spreading good lobangs to friends and family. I spent my $95 already. If you wish to donate yours, my paypal account is

Farewell to a great friend...

I lost a great friend yesterday..

He battled cancer for more than 18 months.

I knew him as strong, intelligent and focused man with great ambitions..
Within a span of less than 2 years, cancer made him feeble and took away his dream, his strength, his ambition and his physique.

When I knew him as a newly joined colleague, he was a new sales manager and he picked up a lot of engineering knowledge during his time with my current company. He possessed the passion and yearned to gain new knowledge. To the point that he, as a sales person, didn't need much technical help from the engineers when answering to customers about technical enquiries.

As a friend, he never failed to call upon me whenever he is in town. Over Lunar New Year, if he was in Singapore, he'd visit my home or he'd call and ask if I'd like to hang out.

Saturday evening, 18th July 2009, I received news from another pal of ours that he had passed away on that day at around 5pm.

Sunday morning, I drove from Singapore to Malaysia to his hometown in Kluang, Johor to bid farewell to a great friend I respect very much. I had the chance to hang out with his loving family and shared my stories of him with them.

Mr Cheng Teck Ee,
You truly deserve your place on the web..
You will be always remembered and sorely missed..

Taken in Dec 2005 at Miri, Sarawak during his healthier days.

Today is 20th July 2009
Time now is 01:10 hrs

F*ck you cancer for destroying dreams and taking away precious lives!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can you cut off my ****?

Weird disorder...

It's a condition whereby an individual wants to have a fully-functional limb to be amputated to feel complete. This condition is also known as the "Body Integrity Identity Disorder".

Elective amputation cannot be performed by any surgeons or doctors on such patients due to professional ethics. So these patients either self amputate (OUCH) or inflict irreversible damage to the limb such that doctors have no choice but to amputate it.

There is a video here about one of these amputee wannabee.

For those unfortunates, whom have lost a limb due to war, accidents or diseases, knowing that there are these group of elective amputee wannabees, I feel so sorry for the former.

Source : Boing Boing

Today is 16th July 2009
Time now is 15:51 hrs

The only thing you can cut from my body is hair from the top of my head!

Perfect pair of balls

Nothing much can be said about these spherical objects except they are perfect.

At each 1 kg "exactly", they are smooth to near 0.0000000003 of a meter.

These silicone balls were made in Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization aka CSIRO as they didn't want to depend on the International Prototype Kilogram of the le Système international d'unités.

So as they say in Australia...

"Our balls are better than your balls, mate!"

Source : Makezine

Today is 16th July 2009
Time now is 09:37 hrs

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Illegal to have an effeminate fashion sense!

In the world of fashion today, it is normal for a woman to be dressed in a suit and pants.

The opposite, however, proved to be a crime in Malaysia.
And it carries a fine of RM 25 for cross dressing. (equivalent to about S$11)

It also carries a mandatory 14 day jail term if the RM25 fine was not paid.

Naturally, it was paid.

Now, if Singapore enforces the same law.... S$25 per each offenders caught...
Changi Village will be a real money spinner for the local authorities.

Today is 14th July 2009
Time now is 17:00 hrs

To all Scotsmen, don't wear your kilt in Malaysia.
If you insist, make sure you have RM25 in where ever you choose to keep your loose change.

How can you define a geek?

A person is measured by his or her strength, achievements, credentials and academic references..

A smart person is defined by the IQ score.

How then can you define a geek?

Today, someone over at listed 100 most essential skills a Geek should possess..

Some notable skills out of the 100 listed.
(in no particular order)

1) Use a digital SLR in full manual mode
2) Surf the web anonymously from home
3) Bypass content filters on public computers
4) Recover data from a dead hard drive
5) Know the Konami code and where to use it
6) Solve the Rubik Cube
7) Be able to pick a lock
8) Create a website using vi
9) Troubleshoot any computer/gadget problem over the phone
10) Crack the WEP key of a wireless router

For the full list of 100 geek determining criteria, head over to!

Today is 14th July 2009
Time now is 15:31 hrs

There is no place like

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Amazing Vocal Musician, a One Man Outdoor Recording Studio!

This music artist is a talent.

Mr Ben Stanford, an Australian artist whom is also known as the Dub FX, relies on nothing but his own voice to create beats, snares and synthesised sounds and records them individually on something known as a loop station. One type of loop station looks something like this.

Repeating these beats, snares and sounds he made on the loop machine, it behaves almost like a recording studio with multiple tracks music. He tops it by singing vocally over his recorded musical accompaniments into a very nice and professional sounding.

Enjoy the music of this "one man outdoor studio" below

Today is 9th July 2009
Time now is 15:39 hrs

What sound can you make?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Virtual Pussy that reacts to caressing gestures!

For those whom do not have the time or the committment for a real pet, Sega has created the ultimate furry companion. AKA Dream Cat Venus.

It is built with sensors around strategic parts of this virtual animal so as to respond to touch and petting gestures. Non-allergenic hair will allow those with respitary conditions to own this pet.
There's no need to feed the cat, making it cheaper to own as well.

The cost to buy one of these virtual pussycat is only US$110 and it goes on sale in the end of July 2009. Definitely cheaper than buying from a pet store.

Virtual Pussy [ The white with brown patches animal ]
The lady is a real person.

US$110 to get a pussy, you don't have to spend additional for dinner, movie, drinks, alcohol, gifts, diamond ring.

The cat is aptly named "Venus"

Source : Engadget

Today is 7th July 2009
Time now is 09:44 hrs

For those whom want to know more about feline terms, click "here" <-------

Monday, July 06, 2009

The end of literacy as we know it.

Literacy is at its peak of human existence.

The learning process repeats with each new generation. No enhancement can be made to inherit literacy or knowledge other than learning it the hard way from beginning (ABC).

In human lifespan of 80 years, the first 30 is used to learn from scratch. It takes close to half the lifetime of the average human to be able to appreciate literature works. To be able to read and weep and be able to feel the thoughts of the author. To allow words to invoke our personal feelings.

How can good literature works be produced when so much time is needed for learning literacy?

Our fast moving environment and culture forces us to take the most direct and concentrated path to learn the skills needed for our own career such that the only text we choose to read are the ones that are informative and educational. And honestly, the bulk of it zooms down to either "business" related or "engineering" related. And if you are none of the 2, it's most likely that you'd fall either under "medicine" or "law".

And in the business of literacy, most of these writers produce pop trash which in turn tries to make some business out of it. All these works are without much value of literature.

There are genuine authors out there.. Not to make a living but to share their knowledge. Share their works of literature, in hope that their works can invoke the reader's feelings. To be able to share their emotions via words and text. Sadly, too little of such writers are in the modern world today. Unlike the old victorian days, where writers are highly sought and appreciated, today's writers produce stories in hope it becomes a movie script.

Genes can be inherited and even cloned BUT knowledge can't. With each new generation, all begins from naught.

To learn anything, one has got to learn how to read first.
And that skill, might be the most daunting task for both the young student and the seasoned teacher.

Today is 6th July 2009
Time now is 11:15 hrs

One whom can read, write and appreciate the language well, might not necessary mean that he or she can be able to teach or transfer the knowledge well.