Thursday, July 28, 2005

How many halves are there in a whole?

Today, I feel like sharing a joke.

A mathematician and an engineer was having a drink in a pub.
Together they saw a pretty young thing and was discussing how they should approach her.

The engineer suggested that he should just start walking towards the lady half the distance between them and then pause for a while, then walk half of the remaining distance, then pause for another few seconds. And this goes on, every half, a few moments of pause. This is so that he won't scare away the target by walking straight up directly.

The mathematician thought for a while and then rebutted the engineer.
"This way, you will never reach her! You will always have half the distance between the target and yourself, no matter how many half distances you travel towards her!" He replied.

Is the Mathematician correct in his statement?
Will the Engineer ever reach his desired destination?

A Philosophical Problem.
And a funny answer that defines the differences between a Mathematician and an Engineer.

Answers to be blogged tomorrow.

Today is 28th July 2005
Time is 4.17pm

An engineer is waiting for the engine to fail before he can commence his engineering work

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