Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tom Yam Soup

Our last visit to Thailand was a couple of months ago.

I brought my wife to this restaurant near Hwai Kuang train station in Bangkok, it was called Soong Boon Crab Restaurant. Though as it's name suggests, we did not try the crab. But instead ordered the grilled fish and Tom Yam soup.

It was that moment when our Tom Yam craze started.
After trying out the Soong Boon Tom Yam soup, we knew once we returned back to Singapore, we are going to miss this very much.

So, that same night, we went to the local Bangkok supermarket looking for the best Tom Yam paste to buy home so we will be able to satisfy our cravings.

We tried our hand at cooking the Tom Yam soup a few times after returning to Singapore. But nothing could compare to the taste when we tried the Tom Yam soup at Soong Boon Restaurant.

It's not as if that visit to Soong Boon was our first tasting of Tom Yam soup but it kinda ignited the cravings. And so our cravings for good Tom Yam soup were insatiable back in Singapore....

Until one night we decided to go for Indonesian food. We used to eat Es Teler 77 at Far East Plaza. We know that they had a branch at City Plaza near Paya Lebar but when we reached there it was already closed. But the open air restaurant next to it was still serving. They had satay, some rice with meat dishes, mainly halal dishes with a splash of thai flavour.

Didn't think much about the order but when the Tom Yam soup came at a delayed time when we'd almost finished our rice, we couldn't stop scooping more of the soup into our mouths.

That Tom Yam soup was almost as good and tasty as the one we had in Bangkok and what's so interesting about the soup was that it also ignited memories of that trip..

Perhaps, just perhaps, we have cravings for certain foods merely because we long for the memory which is imprinted in association with the taste and could only be refreshed by eating the same food again.

We are headed there again next week for Tom Yam soup.
Location is at City Plaza, Opposite Paya Lebar MRT
Can't remember the name of the halal open air restaurant but its just next to "Es Teler 77".

Today is 28th Feb 2009
Time now is 22:24 hrs


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Google paid me $100 USD!


Google recently paid me a cheque of $100 USD.

Took me 3 years to earn a measly $100 USD from them.

However, the cost of investment of my websites, my time and resources all outweigh the US$100 benefits.

In these 3 years, I'd bought several domains and created multiple websites..
All in the name of creating content that hopefully will be interesting enough for returning visitors.

just to name a few

Alas, all is not lost.
I'd picked up quite a few skills about creating websites and content management.

Still it was quite a pleasant surprise to receive a cheque from Google of USA.

Today is 26th Feb 2009
Time now is 23:46hrs

Still waiting for the bank to clear the cheque.

For those whom wanna try their hand at getting some $$$ from Google,


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today News Tagline

A lesser known piece of news on 17th February 2009.

A USA listed life sciences firm opens in Singapore.

The company name is Millipore.

The news tag??

Millipore opens in Singapore!

Tuesday boredom.

Today is 17th February 2009
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Man Apart

Take a man apart..
Strip his name,
Take away his freedom,
Remove him of his possessions,

All that is left will be
His intelligence,
His willpower,
His patience
And his determination.

Those are things which cannot be taken away.
Stick to them,
Be proud of them because these are the qualities of a man that eventually will earn him his respect.

Dig it!

Today is 14 February 2009
Time is 05:46hrs

A man is trying his best.