Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Increase your word power

Let's enrich our word power!!

I was discussing with my wife about the English vocabulary and exams etc.
We talked about how we dealt with having to learn English and passing its exams.

It appears there's no formula for learning English but to hear and see it more often.
Words itself doesn't really make sense on its own without being used in a context of a sentence.
Very often, English tests required the candidate to explain words that are used in a passage.

He is an "ardent" blogger whom has spent more time in front of his PC than actually doing any serious work.

So, my method would be to replace the "word" with something else which could make sense when being used in the same context. All the hints are trailing behind the "word", trying to make the reader understand more.

Rephrase it
If he is always " " about blogging, he can never get any serious work done.
He can be " " when blogging is concerned, but is he " " about his real occupation?
If he is such an " " blogger, who is doing the real work for him?
Is there anyone more " " than him when it comes to blogging?

The WORD today is ARDENT.
It means Passionate/Enthusiastic.

Through a good friend, I have enriched my word power today.

Today is 26th July 2005
Time is 10.30pm

Very soon, I am going to subscribe to Reader's Digest.
Investing in my word bank.
Increase my word power.

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