Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Something in the way she ....

Note to self.....

She loves Sarsi...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Company names....

Giving newborn baby a name that he or she will be addressed as for life.
It's never a skill to give names..

Giving nicknames to your schoolmates is one thing..giving names to entities whom shall depend on others to identify itself for its entire existence is totally different..

It may be naming a newborn baby... naming a new species or element... naming a new start-up company..

Well... the more common scenarios where a name would have to be given would be usually when a baby is borned into this world or a company is being started to do business...

Been opening my eyes lately to interesting names... and below was a company name which i chanced upon when I went into a office building to collect some items from a guy whom works in the same floor.

It was a kodak moment for me..
The reason the picture wasn't really sharp was because I was trying to stop shaking..
Why was I shaking?

I'd rather let this picture do the explaining.

KNS Realties

Today is 19th Oct 2006
Time is 03:04 hrs

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The power of littleness

Just recently, I re-learnt a Bahasa Melayu saying...

"Sikit Sikit Lama Lama Jadi Bukit"

In simple english, it means that through little accumulations over long time, anything can become big.

This applies very much to my learning of the Malay language as well.
My work requires me to go into Malaysia very often and every single visit, I'd try to learn new words.

I remember the early days of my working in Malaysia when I even had problems trying to tell a local taxi driver to go to the nearest food establishment in the local language..

Sad that even though my country's national language is Malay, and I can't even hold a simple conversation.

Sikit is "a little bit"
Atas means "higher"
Bawa means "lower"
Terus means "straight"
Bukit is "mountain"

Today is 7 October 2006.
Time is 00:51 hrs