Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cook a human hand for dinner!

This dish will ensure guests do not ask for a next dinner at your place!

Also makes a good halloween dish!

Serve it during 7th lunar month aka Chinese ghost month! Scare the hell out of your in-laws!

Before serving the dish to your girlfriend/boyfriend that you are about to breakup with, tell them you have a dark secret to share with them and then serve this dish, enjoy the spooky silence as he/she stuns in shock wondering what dark secret it is after seeing this dish!!

Meat hand dish comes complete with connecting bone, nails and rotting flesh...
All edible and made of primarily meatloaf, cheese and onions!

Step by step guide on how to make a revolting
completely edible meat hand here! <--- Click here!

Today is 29th October 2009
Time now is 09:43 hrs

I wanna hold your haaaaannnnndddd hand hand, I wanna eat it too! ( Sung in tune to the Beatles Song )

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nathaniel Neo

My son Nathaniel Neo

This newspaper clipping is definitely worth reading

Today is 27th October 2009
Time now is 13:25 hrs

I can only say "Ouch" and "Ouch" again when reading the last paragraph..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crowd Sourcing!

I am embarking on a video project for youtube.

Need about 100-200 volunteers to participate..

If you are interested to appear in an upcoming youtube video that may rise to be the TOP viewed local video on youtube, do let me know..

To participate for the first project, please take a video of yourself saying

"Hannah Hannah"

In Singlish, to say "Hannah Hannah" is equivalent to saying "ok ok" in a annoyed/disgusted fashion, as if the question asked is a ridiculously stupid question that cannot be answered with a "no". has its own definition of "HAN NA" here.

The individuals videos of participants saying "Hannah Hannah" will be stitched together in series to form a long video of many people saying the same word.

The video can be used for facebook, forums, or any replies in email in which you'd want to use the video to reply to a stupid question or merely to diss anyone whom is asking for "yes" answer.

Video format can be in the form of mp4, 3gp or any other cellphone video formats. Note that I am unable to process wmv, flv or videos already uploaded in youtube. By sending me the video, you are also giving permission for it to be used by me in this project to use in youtube.

The youtube video in which you will star in, will also be used by other users in their replies. In short, if you join our project, you give permission that it will appear in youtube for others to use.

Send us the video to

An video example below

Today is 24th October 2009
Time now is 11:02 hrs

To share this piece of news with your friends to get them to join this project, click on the "Share on Facebook" button below...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bet you did not know this...

OG, the retail mall for local fashion, that is also known for using mostly caucasians for their advertisements, started off as "Ocean Garments".

This is the unabbreviated meaning of OG.

PS: It doesn't mean Old Grandmother fashion, though the older ladies prefer to shop at OG than other retail chains.

Monday, October 05, 2009

E Coli bacteria found in beef [USA]

A young dance instructor, experiencing cramps and aches in her stomach thought that it was a minor stomach virus and didn't pay much attention to it.

Little did she knew that she was hit by a very strong strain of the E.Coli bacteria, aka, O157:H7 strain. The 0157:H7 E.Coli bacteria strain, if untreated, can lead to severe diarrhoea and even kidney failure. In the case of the young dance instructor, it lead to paralysis waistdown as it'd severely damaged the central nervous system of this young lady, Miss Smith.

The cause was traced to a dinner of "ground beef" the family had prepared in 2007, meat grounded by a certain grounding house factory.

To completely remove E.Coli from food, it is advised to cook meats and vegetable to a temperature of 72 degrees celsius for at least 15 seconds. This method has been tested to successfully eradicate any traces of E.Coli from cooked meats and vegetables.

Source: New York Times [Online Edition] via Boing Boing

Today is 5th October 2009
Time now is 10:26 hrs

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Deep sea water ???

Who in their right mind would want to drink sea water? Regardless how deep in Hawaii it was from...

This advertisement was originally seen on Today Paper October 03, 2009.