Sunday, April 09, 2006

Radio GaGa

A radio station.
A waiting phone line that is not busy.
A DJ with a soothing voice.
To assure life, is not just a series of wrong decisions.

Someday, everyone needs that radio station, that waiting phone line that is always not busy, that DJ with the soothing voice, that assurance.

At least once..

The Joy of Giving

Everyone is so keen to dish out punishments....

And the only one whom knows how to give commendations and compliments, seemed to be the gravedigger.

Today is 9th April 2006.
Time is 2.36pm.

You do not have to wait until I die to tell me I am a good person.
It will be too late then.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Everyday, we live to make choices that dictate the way we live our life.

Every single day, hour, minute, second...

Today is 3rd April 2006.
Time is 4.53 pm.

Waiting for time to go by while I decide what to do with the time I have.