Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Saturday Afternoon [Part 1]

Raining where my room is located.
Seated in my favourite blue secretary chair, I began typing.
Knowing that I have to leave the house in just less than an hour's time, I continued to work on this log.

Spending near 30 years on the same island, an especially small island, 40 km x 30 km area, it's not a wonder when one runs out of places to go. The town area has already my footprints all over it.
However, when the weekend arrives, each and every local, at least 80% of those whom still possess mobility, flock down to the City area.

Just like me, they too had spend most of their life on the island.
And just like me, they too plan where they want to go over the weekend.
Because they do not want to stay at home watching crummy saturday matinees.
And exactly like me, they find themselves visiting the places which they had imprinted their soles just weeks ago.

Retail therapy, or so it seems.
There are more people walking along the street than actually walking into retail shops.

And once the need for food is satisfied, most locals will just pop into the nearby cinema/multiplex to catch a blockbuster.

And because of that, the reason why the movie industry is booming in the island, is because it actually gives the local viewers a change.

They bring the viewers away for 2 hours. Away to another place which the viewers had not been before. Another place which is interesting. Somewhere else where you do not have to walk past the footprints you had just made 2 weeks ago.

The Hollywood effect.
A psychological trip to somewhere else.
2 hours.
9 dollars.

12.25pm noon.
23 July 2005.

I am going to walk past my footprints today in town.

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