Sunday, June 01, 2008

Frequent Flyer

Work has been bringing me to many places in the past 4 years.

Though the airmiles and cultural exchange has been interesting, you know when you are travelling too much when..

Here's the ala David Letterman Top Ten list :

10) You have 4 currencies in your wallet
9 ) You take the plane more than you take the bus
8 ) You need to have a new passport every 1 year
7 ) You spend more time in hotels than in your own home
6 ) Your credit card is filled with overseas expenditures
5 ) You start getting hooked on cable channels which you don't subscribe to at home
4 ) Your car's fuel tank starts getting rusty
3 ) Your wife is complaining you don't spend enough time with her
2 ) You never unpack your suitcase
1 ) Your kids start forgetting your name...

Today is 1st June 2008.
Time is 19:42 hrs.

I was serving reservist from 28th April 2008 to 17th May 2008,
I was in Batam from 23th May 2008 to 24th May 2008,
I was in Australia from 26th May 2008 to 30 May 2008,
I will be in Philippines from 1st June 2008 to 6th June 2008,

Isabel is starting to forget her daddy's name.
She just remembers that there is someone always driving her around in a small blue car.

I love my wife, my daughter and my family.
And will commit more time to them in the month of June 2008..

Once I come back from Philippines.