Friday, July 22, 2005

Bedroom Companions

A little more update just to test the blog. [ and perhaps your patience as well ]

I am a man whom interests and career lies solely in the IT industry.

Before 2003, my bed was always cold, thus cultivating my habitual late sleeping.
Because a cold and lonely bed is never welcoming, I put off sleeping until my eyelids drop the bomb on me.
[ Besides, I spend too much time on the computer procrastinating ]

After 2003 December, a very beautiful and charming lady will await at my bed every night, beckoning me to sleep before the witching hour.

Since 2004 December, my bed has since warmed by 2 ladies, welcoming me into their arms every night.

Well, that's family for you unmarried men or married folks whom have decided not to have any kids yet....

The 2nd lady of my life.

Today is

22nd July 2005

Time is


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