Monday, December 21, 2009

World's worst endangered animal smuggling kingpin

I give the thumbs down to whomever whom approves of this, regardless a person, a company or a country.

One of the most wanted wildlife smuggler in the world...

Anson Wong, apparently, a Malaysian Chinese, was a big time kingpin in smuggling endangered wildlife all around the world until his arrest a decade ago.

After his 47 month jail term in USA, he is now into smuggling tigers and he does that by legally breeding them within his home country.

And Malaysia gave him the permit to open up such a park, knowing well that, he will siphon bred tigers out through other black market channels...

Their "Wildlife Enforcement" reply was.....

"...but if we don't give him a license, he would just do it anyway."

"As far as Malaysia is concerned, he abides by local laws and has the necessary licenses, What he does outside the country is not our concern."

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