Thursday, December 24, 2009

No more wild tigers in China because the last one was eaten..

Yes, you guessed it right..

Eaten by a Chinese.

There was this saying I heard sometime ago..

"If it has legs and it's not a chair
if it can fly and it's not a plane,
the Chinese will probably eat it.."

Thanks to these folks, China no longer has any wild Indochinese tigers, whom are already on the brink of extinction.

The villager, whom killed and ate the tiger, faces 12 years of jail.

The human species is probably the only species capable of destroying or preserving other species.

We are also responsible for much of the destruction of nature and the Earth itself. But we possess the power to save it "or" destroy it.

The natural ecosystem consists of flora, fauna and its habitat and the 3 are all inter-dependent on each other. At the rate of our pillaging the ecosystem, we will soon have to face our own species extinction.

Respect nature because us, Humans, are part of the ecosystem too.

Source : : China's last tiger is eaten

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