Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turn on headlights and local radio when in expressway tunnel

Most Singaporean drivers use the multiple expressways very regularly and yet no one ever asked this question..

Why when travelling in expressway tunnels, especially the ones with speed cameras, there will be signs to advise motorists to turn on their headlights and local radio station?

Even when there are ample ambient lighting from the tunnel ceiling itself?
Well, it makes even lesser sense to switch to local radio when you are already listening to your CD or MP3 collection.
And if you are already tuning into local radio stations, the signs that say, "Turn on local radio stations" is almost redundant.

And it is most interesting that the 2 signs [ headlights and local radio ] will appear in tandem only in tunnels that have speed cameras...

Could turning on headlights and tuning to local radio stations help the camera to sense your vehicle's speed better?

If so, does that mean the opposite will make it less likely to get caught speeding in these tunnels with speedcams?

Today is 15 December 2009
Time now is 10:40 hrs


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