Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GPS guided mortars? Can we buy?

I am a mortar detachment commander (see previous blog post) in my reservist and this baby rocks my world!

That is if SAF decides to buy it, given Singapore's large annual defense budget..

GPS guided mortars: "


US Army with its behemoth spending budget is now looking to drop about $5 million dollars on GPS guided mortars to kill more efficiently. The high tech mortars are needed to fight in Afghanistan where targeting people along mountain ridgelines and other high positions is apparently an issue.

Currently there are three companies competing for the contract of developing 120mm precision mortars compatible with the M120 system under the Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative: Raytheon, GD, and Alliant Techsystems.

The 3 companies tested GPS guided versions of the precision mortar in May 2009. The next test will be in January 2010 after which the Army will select the winning design.

Army’s needs are very specific – a GPS guided 120mm mortar with a circular error probable of 16.4 feet and a 4.3 mile range while being compatible with already existing firing devices… via

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One "GPS guided" round away!!!

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