Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Long-Awaited FAV Pen Purchase

I think I waited about 6 years before getting this pen.

No, its not a Mont Blanc. But it has much significance for me.

6 years ago, I went to Kuala Lumpur (KL) with my wife and a few close friends.

While shopping in KL malls, I was introduced to this brand, Lamy, by a close friend, W. He was actually intending to purchase another model of pen from the same brand. While browsing with him, I saw this very interesting pen. When not in used, the pen will be in a contracted shorter length and with depress of the tip at one end, it will retract out to be a full length pen.

We used to call it the cigar pen then. Back then, I was struggling with finances and couldn't afford a simple less than S$80 luxury for a pen. Recently, I just so happen to see the "cigar" pen appear before me more than usual.

So today, I bought it before watching "Avatar".

Here is the pen in its full glory [ BTW, its called the Lamy Pico Pen ]

More of Pico product range at Lamy's website

Times Bookstore (Singapore) are having a 20% discount on all branded pens until 31st December 2009.

Else, you could get the red or blue version at Mustafa Centre (Singapore only 24hr shopping mall) at around the same discounted price as Times Bookstore. (

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