Friday, September 04, 2009

I bet most Singaporeans didn't know this political history!

Just found out that :

PKMS [ Singapore Malay National Organization ] was a branch of Malaysia's UMNO [ United Malays National Organization ] previously when Singapore was still a part of Malaysia.


PAP [ People Action Party ] had a branch in Malaysia before its independence, AKA DAP [ Democratic Action Party ].

Of course, after Singapore's independence, the main parties and their branches no longer have any affiliation (**) across the borders but it's interesting to know such political history.

Perhaps something good (learning about political history) came out of the fight between PKMS incoming/outgoing councils. By "fight", I mean a real brawl! Read here for more details on the skull fracturing brawl..

Source : Temasek Review

Today is 4th September 2009
Time now is 13:09 hrs

** Or is there any now?

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