Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December December December

I feel poetic today about the year that had passed..
It has been a difficult year, no doubt eventful and some bits of it filled with happiness...

So here are my thoughts on December 2009.

December December December,
A month that we try to remember,
For the year has passed yet again,
For those whom toil and,

For those whom slumber.

12 months of effort,
54 weeks of work,
Trapped in our own paths,
And lament decisions chosen by us.

Now the year will soon begin,
Free again to choose our will,
To define again the confines,
To commit to time,
To work out the plan we have in mind.

Today is 1st December 2009
Time now is 18:16 hrs

Every year seems to be tougher than the one before...

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