Friday, August 01, 2008

National Birth Rate

Singapore has raised the issue with birth rate again.

Declining birth rates and how employers and national policies can help push for a high birthrate.

It has always been the over-successfulness of the 2 child policy in the 70s where the same government imposed a myriad of benefits and penalties of having the third and fourth child.

And so the idea got stuck with the nation. IT IS ONLY ENOUGH TO REPLACE OURSELVES. ie a couple give birth to a couple. Since then the same government has accelerated our economy to what it was today. The 2 child policy ensured that both parents can afford to work while retired grandparents look after their 2 children. At the same time, as both parents worked, they were able to provide the 2 children with quality education and afford better luxuries for themselves and their kids.

A World Class nation, with both adult members of the basic family cell working.
An accelerated economy that made the country became a developed nation in 20 over years.
The almost strongest currency in ASEAN.
The working class gotta account for some of the achievements above.

However, it has become an evil cycle.
As parents work harder to afford simple luxuries and better education for their children, they have inadvertently set the wheels of inflation into motion. Work harder, earn more, employers pay more for staff and inevitably raising cost of products to ensure business continuity.

Of course, this phenomenon is global. Better economy also means higher cost of living.
Simple luxuries such as owning a car becomes an expensive luxury.

I recalled about a decade ago, there was a speech given my Ex-PM, the father of the current Prime Minister. I vaguely remembered the details, but one sentence got stuck in my head for good. The statement he made was , "Singaporeans must be greedy!".

There were several articles and comments about that statement in all newspapers the following few days. And it is exactly this greed that ensured Singapore's continued strive for success.
And it was also this greed that made the nation worked harder to afford the desired luxuries such as owning a car and a private apartment. It is also this greed that made Singaporean employees more attractive to hire.

So here we all are now, consumed by our greed to strive for better jobs and better salaries so we can chase our dream luxuries...

The stress of the upwards spiraling economy coupled with the rising cost of living and transport.....HOW CAN WE HAVE A GOOD BIRTH RATE??

And encouraging the nation to be greedy, this somehow succeeded, many strived and manage to attain their desired luxuries, owning cars and private apartments. Now seeing that the nation can afford cars, even with its expensive costs, toll charges and insurance premiums are increased, making sure the nation doesn't slack by always increasing the cost of living a notch higher than what the working class can afford. Keeping us on our toes... HOW CAN WE HAVE A GOOD BIRTH RATE??

A greedy nation bred by a greedier administration. Again they are a notch higher in greed.
A recent report shown about 1000 people give up their citizenship every year.

I congratulate them on their escape.

Singapore is an island,
But I can safely say that it is not a resort.

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