Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Action Front!

Proud to serve the army..
Yet not proud that the army refuse to accept the fact that there is absolutely no secrecy required anymore...

Because the whole world already knows what weaponry we own.
Available to download by everyone is the article "Force Modernization Trends in South East Asia". Within this article states the military capabilities of each South East Asia country. Down to the details of what kind of artillery and submarines and helicopter types owned by each country.

Interestingly, anyone with money to spare can get the updated list of weapon count of any country from this group of enthusiasts whom call themselves "The International Institute for Strategic Studies" aka "IISS". The article to purchase which will show the military capabilities of 170 states is "The Military Balance". Updated yearly so you can always find out who owns what WMD. The latest edition is the 2009 edition. Click here to order the 2009 edition.

2012 edition here!! (edit 2012)

So what has any countries' military force got to hide?

We live in a world whereby we are almost 100% dependent on technology. Almost everyone carries a cellphone and I'm certain that everyone carries at least one type of memory card with them. To restrict technology blindly in the name of protecting secrecy is plain dumb because there are no secrets within the army other than the fact that the food sucks occasionally and that we tend to swear a bit more when we are in green.

A simple example of how internet has made secrecy pointless is this..
From the above article about the force modernization, we know Singapore owns 120mm mortar.
Google on "120mm mortar" and the manufacturer can be found.
A few more clicks and the full operating manual is listed online for anyone and everyone to download..

The next time you want to conduct a time wasting search and confiscating dumb devices in the name of protecting secrecy, I suggest you cut down your own ears and gouge your own eyes, because that is the only way you can protect your sad and puny little secrets whom everyone else already know of.

Today is 27th May 2009
Time now is 09:26 hrs

I like to wear green and sweat it out with comrades once a year in the name of serving the nation.
Don't belittle our efforts so that you can shine to your own boss. Crabby L. Foo. Dickhead.

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