Friday, July 14, 2006

Sublimal Programming of Marketing Campaigns

Ever since I stopped taking taxis, I have been more exposed to the power of mental suggestions.
And this suggestions are mostly sublimal in nature, ie, you will not know that you have been influenced.. These suggestions come in the form of advertisements panels on buses and within bus-stops.

Marketing campaigns to encourage the public to buy more of their product and hence improving their sales. These marketing campaigns often involves the use of famous people to be their spokesperson. To attract the public by telling them that even famous people uses their product.
Sometimes, it also carry sublimal messages that couldn't be deciphered by reading the text alone. Showing a cow in an advertisement poster for milk will sublimally let the audience know that the milk is fresh, even without needed to place the word "FRESH" on any part of the poster.

One such marketing advertisement I saw was about a cultured milk that aids the digestive system. Somehow the sublimal message I get from the advertisement tells me more about enhancing mammary glands more than the digestive system.

Vitagen Less Sugar for enhancing mammary glands

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