Monday, July 24, 2006


It is amazing how ambiguous the word "BORDERS" can be.

Borders define the country and thus unite its people behind them.

Borders also at the same time separate people.

In some cases, when borders become too distinct, people fight.
And in other cases when borders are not distinct, people fight.

Whatever that defined the people, gave just cause for war to happen.
Whatever that didn't define the people, gave just cause to define them and thus having the same conflicts.

In a huge piece of land filled with extensive raw minerals/gases/oil, everyone wants a piece of it. It's also amazing that this is land where many prophets of several religions originated. Unfortunately, peace that were preached by these prophets was never achieved and though these religions spread far and wide across the world, it never helped achieve peace and happiness in the lands of which these religions originated from.

Instead, these religions in its multiple variants became additional reasons for them to fight even more.

You say Allah, I say Amen.
Mine is the Koran, yours is the bible.
You got your precepts, I have my commandments.

Diversity should be celebrated and not a reason to fight about.
For it is the small differences between ourselves that make us unique.

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