Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fares up, no free speech, National day

Not sure if anyone read the "voices" column every Friday by this
guy known as Mr Brown.

He did an article on progress vs rising cost of living

Also seen in his blog here

The following monday, he was slammed by MICA Press Secretary
feedback in the same papers.

The contents of the feedback replicated here

Issue raised were rising cost of living and rising cost of public

I left some comments and would like my friends to see and appreciate
I also submitted the same letter to TodayOnline.com feedback but
apparently it wasnt published on Tuesday. In fact, the papers didnt
even publish a single feedback with regards to this issue.


also seen here but u need to search for "franklin"

And here is another comment from me in this forum
---Extract from HWZ forum---
Every ride will cost $2.50 when u board the cab.
For every 210m below 10km, it will charge $0.10 instead of the
previous $0.10 per 225m.
for every 175m above 10km, it will charge $0.10 instead of the
previous $0.10 per 200m

Today, I will make it my personal mission to boycott taxis.

To make my point that Govt must take care of the public that voted
for them... and not ensure the interests of the companies that the
govt had invested heavily in..

I ask of you , humble reader, to join me too.

Last night, I walked about 2km with my daughter in arm so I can have
1 bus trip lesser.

Not because for exercise or for health sake... but for the fact that
I choose not to be milked any further than necessary by these arms
of govt.


The link below was my most recent comment on this issue.

On how much I have to spend on transport every month.

This link below is a podcast by Mr Brown, after the MICA letter

Apparently, this podcast was done for National Day and it sings the
songs of all middle class Singaporeans. I wept in office after
hearing the podcast...

Another supporter made a video and posted on youtube in retaliation to MICA reply

I may just be a speck of sand on the beach.....and the coastline is
receding fast.

My flag won't be flying this year...
You have a choice always...

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