Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am Singaporean

I am a Singaporean.
I studied in England thanks to my dad.
My english can be powderful,
But I rhyme better in hokkien than in english.
When I die, the face of my ashes urn will tell you my provincial roots in China,
not Singapore.

I am an engineer, and I still cannot afford a car.
I feel progress but it seems like more weight to the existing ball & chain I have on both my legs.
I take the public transport.But due to rising cab fares, my 18mth old daughter have to be cruelly woken up at 7am so we can bring her by 3 trips of bus to the nanny.
It is a change of lifestyle but my wife, my baby daughter and I have to accept this change.

One day, my daughter will grow up.
Though she cannot understand now,
Why both of her parents have to work and spend so little time with her,
Why she is on the bus most of the time that we are with her,
Why she dont get to see her mummy more than her nanny.
I will work my whole life for her..
I hope I can provide her her to learn French, Bahasa Melayu and perfect her mother tongue, Mandarin.
So she will have better life than me.

I am often known by me online alter ego, FarBird.
I am Franklin Neo in real life.
Whatever name you choose to call me...
I was Singaporean and I am Singaporean.

So Say We All...
So Say We All...

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