Monday, October 11, 2010

We are CRANE country

I remember driving past the Marina Bay Sands resort hotel while it was still under construction and the amount of mechanical cranes I saw there was a lot.

Seriously, a lot of cranes. Within an area of 100 square meters, I could estimate that there'd be around 10 cranes within the area. I believe there should be about 100 cranes I saw parked within the vicinity of the construction area then..

Now that the resort has been completed, the silhouette of the cranes in that area has been replaced by a magnificent hotel resort.

Marina Bay Sands Resort

However, I believe all around Singapore, the number of cranes has not reduced in total.

The Singapore cityscape skyline is defined by its constant construction and inevitably the silhouette of cranes. 

Cranes in the cityscape

This got me started thinking..
Is there a limit to how many cranes that can be imported in Singapore? 
Is there a COE scheme for importing and owning cranes? 
Could there be a better way to limit the number of cranes in Singapore? 
Are there more parked and unused cranes compared to the ones in use? 
Are these cranes environmentally friendly on their exhaust emissions?
Can't the construction companies rent and loan them from a central crane rental facilities whereby the number of cranes can be controlled within this country?

Let's play "Spot the Cranes" game
Click to enlarge picture

Like it or not, we are CRANE country. 

Welcome to Singapore...
A country that is uplifting 
We will get you hooked.

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