Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wedding Anniversary 06 Oct 2010

6th October was the day we said "I DO!" on the year of 2001!

So every year from then on, we celebrated the day we committed ourselves to each other....

This year, 2010, was no difference, we went to Fiesta Brasilia at United Square.

It's a buffet style restaurant which serves roasted meat and the service staff will carve out the meat for you right at your dinner table! FYI, with Citibank credit cards on weekdays dinner, its 1 for 1!

We also had a bottle of Cabernet and I was so tipsy that I had difficult driving home that night. Thanks to Christine whom were my eyes during our drive home. I was operating the gas pedal with my eyes closed....

Here are some pictures taken on that night... We were dressed for the night... Even Nathaniel was on his Sunday best.

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