Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Beginnings

This is a recent epiphany from me.

Recent events that are happening around me gave me a small enlightenment. So thought I'd share with my readers.

" When I was younger, whenever I encountered a disappointing outcome to a challenging situation or predicament, I often prayed that the outcome could be different and cry out to the heavens why it couldn't have been a better outcome.

Now with maturity, when I encounter a less than preferred outcome, I only ask for the courage to accept the results and learn from the experience. 

Then I'd pray that I'd be able to commit the experience to my memory. So that when the time comes that I am placed in the same predicament again, I would remember my previous course of actions and probably exercise my free will to take on a different path to see if I could obtain a better outcome. "

Q: 如果真的可以从头再来 ... 你的选择将会是什么 ?

A: 我选择勇气接受.

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