Thursday, March 18, 2010

Temptation and its unbearable lightness of being

What we have.... is never enough, which is why all of us will always seek out to achieve what we dream of having.

Rule number 1
Since us humans can never be contented, each and everyone of us venture out with what we have and what we own to seek an exchange of efforts against rewards for better things in life.

Rule number 2
We are creatures bound by our 5 senses. What we see that is nice and pretty, our minds tell us to own it. When the skin experiences gentle and soothing caresses, our mind tells us to refresh that experience again and again and again.

Rule number 3
Because of Rule number 1, there will always be some form of expectations of rewards when efforts and commitment is given.

Temptations are but mental urges arising from the 5 senses. (aka Rule number 2)

But when it comes to temptation of the flesh, it becomes a 2 way street.
Both parties must be willing and both know that giving in to the carnal temptations will achieve pleasure to the senses.

But we are not animals. two strangers on the street doesn't just stop to copulate just because they find each other attractive. To most people, they give in to temptations to get pleasure and fulfillment for that moment. But for some, temptation become a tool to achieve higher needs.

Looking at the recent celebrity scandals, with mostly male celebrities taking the leading roles vs lesser-known female mistresses, I can deduce a few truths about their scandals.

  • The male lead in these scandals only wanted to satisfy their lust for that moment and thought that the women involved have the same mentality. ie no commitments.

  • The female leads in the story is allowing the male star to be close to them because they dream to be in the limelight also. (ie, there must be something the female desire from the males besides carnal pleasures)
  • The male lead gives false impressions and promises (of better future?) to the female leads to ensure continuation of his carnal pleasure.

  • The female lead continue to satisfy the male, thinking that it will lead her to better life.
  • Clearly the expectations from the male and female roles within this temptation circle doesn't match and once they wisen up, their relationship will either go to rest or go to the press.

In short, we, humans, are all governed by Rule number 1, Rule number 2 and Rule number 3.

Clearly for the recent scandals, they forget that besides committing efforts and receiving the rewards, they also have to be responsible for dishing out the rewards and meeting the expectations of the opposite party. That is where it fails and break apart. Because a lot of false promises and hopes are given.

So there is
Rule number 4
Always be clear on the expectations and commitments between the 2 parties involved.

With the 4 rules, it will be clear that the expectations vs commitments will never be balanced and thus the relationship between the two is bound to break in due time.

Last but not least...
Rule number 5
Never put yourself in a situation with another person where you will have to consider the first 4 rules.

The above article is inspired by
Jack Neo & Tiger Woods [ Clearly these guys ignored Rule number 5 ]

Well to all guys having affairs and giving in to temptations.... 


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