Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Committed to going green

Today Paper (Singapore) had an article about the Republic of Singapore initiatives to go "green".

To me, the entire article is irrelevant to the ecological friendliness in Singapore.

The most interesting part is the last sentence, which states that the government is increasing the salary of ministers by another 8.8% this year...

This translates to a whoopping 58.28 million Singapore dollars going into the pockets that are already well filled.

Did you know?

Singapore government ministers are the most well paid in the world..

See here for top 30 best paid ministers in the world [ May not be fully accurate but read the last sentence of the this article for some semblence of the figures ]

More statistics here!

In the current times of hardship faced by almost all non-ministerial citizens of Singapore, the only response I believe the citizens have for this issue is.... why?

Or some might say, why not me?

I have the answer.... to those whom are disgruntled upon hearing the above news and articles...

Coz you f**king voted for them, right?

The above paragraph was inspired from this article from MrBrown.

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