Monday, March 29, 2010

The names that people call

Most of my friends know me as Franklin. Friends in real life,I mean...

Virtual friends of the online realm address me as "farbird".

For close friends & family, they usually just call me "Frank".

Friends from the army national service, they refer to me as "Neo".

With the different names called out, I could, in my own way, guess the person's identity, without turning around to see the face of the person calling out for me.

And so I guess for everyone else, they must have different nicknames for themselves assigned by their different social circles...Much like a callsign that a pilot is assigned to protect his or her identity..

And so onto another discovery...
For people whom are the closest, they will almost definitely re-introduce themselves again at a certain degree of closeness.. And coincidentally, they all want to be known by the same nickname...

"Coming" is the name they want to be known as. And they will re-introduce themselves in a frenzied manner.

This happens to me usually when I am resonating at 3-5hz.

I am "Coming".

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