Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Illegal to have an effeminate fashion sense!

In the world of fashion today, it is normal for a woman to be dressed in a suit and pants.

The opposite, however, proved to be a crime in Malaysia.
And it carries a fine of RM 25 for cross dressing. (equivalent to about S$11)

It also carries a mandatory 14 day jail term if the RM25 fine was not paid.

Naturally, it was paid.

Now, if Singapore enforces the same law.... S$25 per each offenders caught...
Changi Village will be a real money spinner for the local authorities.

Today is 14th July 2009
Time now is 17:00 hrs

To all Scotsmen, don't wear your kilt in Malaysia.
If you insist, make sure you have RM25 in where ever you choose to keep your loose change.

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