Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How can you define a geek?

A person is measured by his or her strength, achievements, credentials and academic references..

A smart person is defined by the IQ score.

How then can you define a geek?

Today, someone over at Wired.com listed 100 most essential skills a Geek should possess..

Some notable skills out of the 100 listed.
(in no particular order)

1) Use a digital SLR in full manual mode
2) Surf the web anonymously from home
3) Bypass content filters on public computers
4) Recover data from a dead hard drive
5) Know the Konami code and where to use it
6) Solve the Rubik Cube
7) Be able to pick a lock
8) Create a website using vi
9) Troubleshoot any computer/gadget problem over the phone
10) Crack the WEP key of a wireless router

For the full list of 100 geek determining criteria, head over to WIRED.com!

Today is 14th July 2009
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