Monday, July 20, 2009

Free $$ Opportunity aka Lobang!

It's not everyday someone offers free money.

Thanks to Brother-In-Law Sam Goh,
He introduced me to a bank relationship manager whom offered a suite of credit cards that gives out free credit.

A suite of 4 cards with first year subscription free and each comes with its own benefits and privileges.

Some notable ones

1) $75 credit into the "Prudential Card" aka Free $$ to spend
2) $20 credit into the "Manhattan Card" aka Free $$
3) 10% discounts until Sept 09 for "all" retail purchases for Platinum Master Card (up to $100 max)
4) 5% cash rebate on "all" retail purchases using "Manhattan" card

A up front of $95 free money.
Sign up today

(This deal is only for those residing in Singapore)

For those interested, you can contact
James Wu

Today is 20th July 2009
Time now is 09:12 hrs

I am in no way benefitting from any new signups. Only spreading good lobangs to friends and family. I spent my $95 already. If you wish to donate yours, my paypal account is

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